Saturday, March 8, 2014

Whooping Cough, Quilting and Stitching

Above is a picture of a quilt I made for a young man who was born prematurely around the time of Halloween. He wasn't supposed to arrive until sometime around the first of December. His mother became quite ill with very high blood pressure and he got here early. At birth he weighed a little under two and a half pounds. His parents were told he would be in the hospital until about his due date. Well, he did so well he was home by Thanksgiving, and when I gave him his completed quilt last week he weighed in at about 12 pounds! He is quite the little miracle!

I have another of my Santa's stitched up, but just haven't taken a pic yet. It is by far my favorite because he is carrying a flag.

On the other hand I have had a friend test positive for whooping cough, and about ten days after she got sick I had the same symptoms. My test hasn't come back yet, but I have been under the weather and really not feeling that good at all. They went ahead and gave me medicine for it so I would not be contagious. I also think everyone I have came across over the age of seventy has told me stories about having whooping cough when they were a kid. My mom told me about her and 4 of her siblings having it at one time. The health department came and put a sign on her door. When the baby started coughing one day he was turning blue and Grandma called the doctor and when he came he shook Uncle Bob and he stopped coughing. I am listening to her tell this story and wondering whether my Uncle Bob has had any lingering effects throughout his life from being shook as a baby??? I guess shaken baby syndrome in those days was kind of like car seats or seat belts for kids, I don't know. I do know in the past ten days I spent a lot time pondering this story. I guess that is why people of her generation are tougher than the rest of us.

One more week of work until Spring Break! Today we have had a rainy day with a little sleet and snow mixed in. I really didn't think we had that bad of a winter, but if the moods of the people around me are any indicator, then I would have to say winter must of been really bad for them.

The boy is seeming to do well in high school. Out for track, on the livestock judging team and jazz band are his second semester activities. He came upstairs Friday after school and told me he won $50 in an essay contest about civil rights. I asked what he wrote about and he looked at me and said--"Civil Rights." I asked what specific thing he wrote and he didn't know. Then my friend called and said she just saw on the school marquee sign that he was Student of the Month. I went in his room and asked him if he was student of the month and he said--I don't know maybe that was what that e-mail was about.

Until next time happy stitching!