Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Life Happens Part II

I have missed blogging about my cross=stitching and quilting projects. The past three years of my life have been a veritable crap storm of epic proportions. Shortly, after our brain tumor debacle with Dan, who is fully recovered and has moved on to yearly checkups at MDA, my mom was diagnosed with stage iv colon cancer. We went through several rounds of chemo for about a year, but she just could not tolerate the treatments. Last summer she had a couple of good days after I got done with school for the year and then went downhill rapidly and passed in July. I am looking forward to a relaxing, healthy summer vacation this year.

On a lighter note, the boy graduated high school this past weekend. It was quite exhausting with party prep, and all the other stuff that went on with that, but we are now on to another phase of our life--having a college student. He is going to the community college here next year and will be deciding in the next year exactly what he wants to major in. We are somewhere between pipeline integrity and some sort of fire safety program. We are certainly proud of him and ready for the next phase and adventure.

I have been doing a little stitching here there and yonder and some quilting. This summer I am looking forward to spending some time going from shop to shop, both cross-stitching and quilting!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Life Happens

I haven't been on my blogs since last March. Every year I have intentions of being a better blogger, but that just doesn't seem to happen. Last April we found out my husband had a brain tumor (benign) and we ended up spending a lot of time in Houston from June to the end of September. He had surgery the first of July where they removed as much of it as they could and them underwent 8 weeks of radiation. Hopefully our life is starting to settle into a normal routine. I have been working on a few little stitching projects here there and yonder. Here are some pics.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Whooping Cough, Quilting and Stitching

Above is a picture of a quilt I made for a young man who was born prematurely around the time of Halloween. He wasn't supposed to arrive until sometime around the first of December. His mother became quite ill with very high blood pressure and he got here early. At birth he weighed a little under two and a half pounds. His parents were told he would be in the hospital until about his due date. Well, he did so well he was home by Thanksgiving, and when I gave him his completed quilt last week he weighed in at about 12 pounds! He is quite the little miracle!

I have another of my Santa's stitched up, but just haven't taken a pic yet. It is by far my favorite because he is carrying a flag.

On the other hand I have had a friend test positive for whooping cough, and about ten days after she got sick I had the same symptoms. My test hasn't come back yet, but I have been under the weather and really not feeling that good at all. They went ahead and gave me medicine for it so I would not be contagious. I also think everyone I have came across over the age of seventy has told me stories about having whooping cough when they were a kid. My mom told me about her and 4 of her siblings having it at one time. The health department came and put a sign on her door. When the baby started coughing one day he was turning blue and Grandma called the doctor and when he came he shook Uncle Bob and he stopped coughing. I am listening to her tell this story and wondering whether my Uncle Bob has had any lingering effects throughout his life from being shook as a baby??? I guess shaken baby syndrome in those days was kind of like car seats or seat belts for kids, I don't know. I do know in the past ten days I spent a lot time pondering this story. I guess that is why people of her generation are tougher than the rest of us.

One more week of work until Spring Break! Today we have had a rainy day with a little sleet and snow mixed in. I really didn't think we had that bad of a winter, but if the moods of the people around me are any indicator, then I would have to say winter must of been really bad for them.

The boy is seeming to do well in high school. Out for track, on the livestock judging team and jazz band are his second semester activities. He came upstairs Friday after school and told me he won $50 in an essay contest about civil rights. I asked what he wrote about and he looked at me and said--"Civil Rights." I asked what specific thing he wrote and he didn't know. Then my friend called and said she just saw on the school marquee sign that he was Student of the Month. I went in his room and asked him if he was student of the month and he said--I don't know maybe that was what that e-mail was about.

Until next time happy stitching!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where Have You Been Tammy?

So here I am again after about 7 months absence. I didn't stitch hardly any at all last year. I did a stocking and a Christmas present for a friend at work. I didn't even bother to take pictures of them.

In June I spent a week at work doing common core stuff, then we had baseball, and summer conditioning at 6 AM every morning. Let me just start by saying that I am not a morning person, so getting up at 5:30am every day except Friday was not my idea of a summer break. That problem will be solved this summer as he will be able to drive legally.

August brought on our first experience with high school football. J got to play quite a bit of junior varsity and during the playoffs he got to suit up with the varsity, but not play. Football became like a part time job helping feed the team, cooking pasta for 55 big boys and making cinnamon rolls for them. Then going all the way to the state championship game took up our fall, right up until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. By then Christmas was breathing down our necks.

I finally got time to take a breath over Christmas to start stitching again. Below are pictures of what I have accomplished since I returned to stitching. I was going to make the Santas into a quilt, but have pretty given up that idea and decided that I will make them into ornaments. Since deciding this I looked at Vonna's Twisted Stitcher blog to see that she is cross-stitching them and doing ornaments. I am thinking that she has done hers in such an elegant, simple way I might just copy her. Isn't there an old saying about imitation being the highest form of flattery? I got on 1-2-3 Stitch tonight and ordered the Santas that I was missing from what they had for sale. I am still plugging away on my Christmas at HRH, I am coming close to finishing the square featured below.

For ten years I was a farm wife working full time and had a lot of free time in the summers when Dan was working morning to night. Then we finally got the baby that we had wishing, hoping, and praying for and I was a stay at home mom for five years. Both of these periods of my life allowed for a lot of stitching time. Then I went back to work being a mom, wife, and full time employee and the stitching time was hard to come by. Now we are entering the phase of the boy being so much more independent and able to drive I am starting to get a little of that free time back.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Let the Summer Vacation Begin

So much for being a better blogger this past winter and spring. Work has been crazy and I am ready to take a step back and relax. All of this Common Core stuff is kicking my behind. I had more professional days this year than sick days. Jonathon and I left on the Tuesday after school got out and headed to Washington DC on a group trip. We went with the kids from my school, three of his friends and one momma. It was a whirlwind trip we walked an average of about 5.5 miles a day. Above is my favorite out of the five hundred pictures that I took while I was there. Our group consisted of 10 adults and 22 students.

This summer promises to be a busy one. Jon is getting his driver's license, playing baseball and doing summer weightlifting to football season, and going to football camp. I am going to be chauffer, we aren't quite ready to turn the kid out with a car just yet.

Hopefully this week I can get back to stitching and quilting and have a nice relaxing time.

Catch y'all later.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Blocks Three and Twelve

So you know I said that I was going to be a better blogger, but the best laid plans don't include three trips to Urgent Care, bronchitis, upper respiratory infection, and three bouts of the stomach flu. I am not sure, but I think that Norovirus hit the entire household last week. Anyway, there has been lots of laying on the couch, eating saltines, and drinking Gatorade. This past Thursday was the first day that everyone went to school and or work for over seven days.

Anyway enough of the gross stuff. I managed to finish block three and then decided to do block 12, because it looked pretty easy on my C@HRH. I am using DMC on this instead of the silks. I am sure it doesn't look as good as it could, but I have this thirteen year old that is growing like a weed, always needing money for something, so we went with the cheaper option of DMC. The good news is that this coming summer he will be able to work at City Rec and make some of his own money to spend. Here are my pics.

Have a great week, I hope it keeps you in stitches. Maybe next time I will have something a little more appetizing to talk about besides germs and stuff.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A New Year and Perhaps a Better Blogger

So I am hoping that all of you have had a wonderful holiday season. I know that we have enjoyed the break from school and work, but tomorrow we go back to our old routines. I have managed to get some stitching done over break. I am working on Christmas at Hawk Run's Hollow. I have almost three entire squares finished.
I am hoping that next year I will have lots more stitching and quilts finished.

Right now I am typing this blog post on my new laptop from the boys. We did have an extremely nice Christmas. Christmas day it was just the three of us and my mom, which was nice and relaxing. Then the weekend after Christmas we had Invasion of the Clan. It was a nice experience, I bowed out of few activities, but they were all here on Saturday night to eat pizza and play games. It was quite a loud celebration. J had a friend over that night and we had a couple of other friends stop by also. You know you have a house full of company when you have to break out the lawn chairs for everyone to have a place to sit. I had to chuckle because they were playing this dice game for four people and about every 3-4 minutes someone would yell because they had "Tenzi", and this was usually followed by three or four other yelps from those who lost. I wondered if the neighbors could hear us at one point.

On the down side of things we have had a lot of flu and little viruses going around and around. My mom got one of those for Christmas. We ended up at Urgent Care the day after Christmas, she had bronchitis, was dehydrated, and had some other sort of virus. They wanted her to go to the hospital, but she would not hear of that. Today she finally seems about normal, but it has taken seven days and lots of meds to get to that point.

The boy got a dirt bike for Christmas, and his dad bought himself a four wheeler. Jonathon was really happy with the dirt bike I think. We gave him his other presents and the last one was helmet. He thought it was to ride the old dirt bike at the shop. We had him come out to the garage to help put the trash away. He looked at the bike, said, "Oh, my God." really slow. Walked around it and sat on it and then took a picture with his cell phone to text a friend. I was standing there thinking to myself--"That's it!?!" He has had fun with it, however, so I guess he was jumping up and down on the inside.

Well we are t-minus 3.5 hours for the Fiesta Bowl, which the boys are all excited for. J is busy now preparing hot wings and chicken strips with wing sauce. The smell is making my nose twitch. They will be cheering on the K-State Wildcats!