Sunday, October 30, 2011

Number 25 and Counting

...Nope, didn't just have birthday number 25, didn't lose 25 pounds, didn't win 25 million dollars in the lottery, either. Just started cross-stitching my 25th shepherd's Bush stocking, for quite a cutie pie named Drake. I will be starting number 26 soon, and after Christmas I will be starting number 27. I now have stockings in 5 states! The other pic is of the progress I have made on my fall abc's from Prairie Schooler.

This week I had inservice on Thursday and the day off on Friday so I thoroughly enjoy the time away from work and I enjoyed the extra time to stitch. Thursday our inservice ended early so that was a nice bonus. On Friday I took Jon and some friends to the Neewollah carnival to ride some rides and basically twirl themselves into oblivion. I must be getting old because I sat on the steps of a nearby building and just watched the rides run and got a headache from them going in circles. I am pretty sure it didn't bother any of them because they ate like horses afterwards.

Other than laundry that seems to be my life in a nutshell. We are getting ready to do some remodeling on the house. Replacing windows and doing some repair and fixing up in the bathroom. I don't why anyone including my husband and the contractor think November is a good time to do this. I am thinking it should be short and sweet process, otherwise I probably won't be very sweet about it.

Hope all my East Coast friends are enjoying their snowfall. I know many of you are without power and what not, but I do love my snow. Hope you get lots of stitching done while it snows.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Technical Difficulties we have had few technical difficulties here. Last Sunday a wayward squirrel got into a transformer line and we lost electricity for about an hour. When the electricity came on we didn't have internet, the modem bit the dirt in the process of the electricity coming off and on. It wasn't until Wednesday that we got a new modem. I had parent-teacher conferences, so it wasn't until late Wednesday night we got everything hooked back up.

Between work, soccer, Jon's school stuff, and Dan's work schedule things around here have been hectic. Below is a picture of my progress on the Farmer's Alphabet by Prairie Schooler. As you can see the progress it ever so slight. I am down to the last nine squares.

My plans for the day was to finish these last 9 squares, but alas Dan has announced that he is planning to stay home today! Why the man can't find a hobby is beyond me! I mean can't he go outside and nail something together? make ships in a bottle? rake leaves? just do something!

I am anticipating a trip to Hobby Lobby in the near future when I get this finished. I hope they are having a good deal on frames. I still have the Farmer's Row from Bent Creek to frame, so when I get both of these framed I will have totally gorgeous kitchen decor, if I do say so myself.

After this project it is back to the stockings. I now have three to get done! These people are reproducing faster than I can stitch. I am hoping to have two of them done by Christmas, so you can tell what I plan on doing between now and then. One of the babies won't make an appearance until next March, so I have some time with that one, but the other two are already here!

It is good to be back online and enjoying all of your lovely blogs and stitching. When I can pull myself away from blog reading I plan to have many new projects to show you!

Have a wonderful week!