Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh What a Week!

Not a lot of stitching has been going on this week or last week and quite possibly the week before. This week we had parent teacher conferences. This meant working until 8 Monday night and 7 Wednesday night. Monday night we were notified that a student who was dealing with a chronic illness had passed. Then we made up a snow day on our conference day off. So to say it has been a lonnnnnnnnnng week is an understatement.

Some days my job makes me laugh, some days is exasperates me. This week we have had a little of all both. We are currently reading a novel, which takes place in the late
1950's. It is about a teen age girl getting who is on the list of student to integrate Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. The first time I taught this novel I downloaded several songs that was mentioned in the book and throughout the book I have been playing these songs for them. When I play the music I always ask them if they want to dance. Being as cool as my students are they look at me like I have grown a second head. Today between classes I left the music playing while I ran to the restroom. When I came back in my room on the way to my desk, the class clown asked me a question. I replied, "I don't know, do you wanna dance?" The entire class started laughing. He stood up and announced everyone owed him a million dollars because he bet the class a million dollars that I would say that.

We are back in the midst of the cold and flu season here. J has been home with a slight fever, headache, and sore throat today. He has been home a couple of times here recently with the same symptoms, some kids are gone as many as five days, but he just has it a day or two at a time. Hopefully, he is not going to get it as badly as some of the others.

We had a major milestone here on Valentine's Day. J's last party of elementary school. As one dad said walking out of the building it is a sad and happy day all at once. I have to agree. I just don't know if I am ready to spend all day with middle schoolers and live with one at the same time.

Next week, my kiddos take the state reading assessment. I am sure there won't be a lot of stitching going on next week either.

Until we meet again have a wonderful week.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Big Clean Up

The day after the big snow, Dan the Man came to town to clear some parking lots for his boss and then spent several hours clearing some driveways. Nothing makes people like you more than when you show up and clean their driveways. One of the neighbors is about my mom's age and lives alone, so he added her to the list of clean up. I spent some time both days chauffeuring my mom here and there on errands. Nothing spells emergency like my mom not having her powerball ticket! I think she also needed some cigarettes, but just would not admit that to me. We ended up with three days out of school. We are supposed to get more snow next week, but every television station and the computer all say something different. Who knows what will happen next?

I spent a lrage portion of time stitching, and the picture above is my progress. Jonathon and I also spent some time cleaning up here and there around the house.

Have a great week, and enjoy the super bowl!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1/2 a Blizzard this is the view out my front window this morning. All weekend we had temps in the 60's and were under a winter weather alert the entire time. Yesterday we were upgraded to a winter storm warning and later a blizzard warning. We have wind chills in the negative numbers, winds 20 to 30 mph, with gusts up to 40 mph. Although this is nothing compare to what some of my blogging friends have seen this winter, it is pretty bad for our parts of the world. J's school canceled for the next two days before school got out yesterday. My school is taking it a day at a time. A small school district to the south let out early yesterday and cut the electricity to trim tree limbs away from the power lines. I think this is supposed to last until the wee hours of the morning, that is why I titled the post 1/2 a blizzard. Yesterday on the way home I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some Diet Pepsi and it was absolute pandemonium. I didn't even want to try and brave Wal-Mart! A friend went to Wal-Mart and said people were grabbing milk as fast as they put it on the shelf and they were out of eggs completely. I didn't notice the grocery store being out of much except potatoes.
And, of course, all of you know what this means....stitching time! WooHoo!