Sunday, February 28, 2010

Stitching Update...

Here's a pic of my progress on the Prairie Schooler July pattern. I haven't got as much done as I would have liked. It finally dawned on me when I was stitching them, that the little stars and curly cues above the house are fireworks. I am a sharp one! I took two personal days on Thursday and Friday. I managed to get quite a lot done Thursday evening and Friday morning/afternoon before my unfortunate accident.

I guess perhaps I should rename this blog the Klutzy Stitcher. I picked Jonathon up after school in Friday. I was so tired when we got home I laid down on the couch and dozed off. My mom called me and I jumped up to get the phone and noticed the clock said 4:30 I thought in my sleepy stupor that I had forgotten to pick up Jonathon, so I ran towards the phone. I don't know what exactly happened but I fell and fell hard My knee is all swollen up, my arm and shoulder are banged up and my thumb on my stitching hand is jammed and swollen. Then yesterday I had to take the car to Joplin for a factory recall, (Dan had to work) and I really didn't want to reschedule, plus I needed to go to Sam's and stock up on some stuff. So Jonathon helped me hobble around Sam's and load stuff in and out of the cart. I am sure if I had just rescheduled the car appointment my knee would look wonderful or at least better, but I didn't reschedule. I am trying to keep a good eye on it though and take aspirin everyday after the last time I fell and that began the whole blood clot in the arm debacle. My schedule and checkbook really can't manage that again.

I also started kitting up several different cross stitch projects. Most of them are small and shouldn't take too long for me to get done, and someday I hope to get back of Lady Liberty and my Stoney Creek schoolhouse.

We are officially on the countdown for Spring Break here, even the neighbor kid aka Batman knows what Spring Break means and he is only in kindergarten.

Have a great week.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Wrinkly Report

This is my newsest project start the July pattern from Prairie Schooler. As you can tell I did not iron it before I took the picture, hence the title of my post. I started it a couple of weeks ago after I finished the Lizzie Kate pattern. This is going quite smoothly, those old lady magnifying glasses do wonders. Who would have ever thought that being able to see would make stitching so much easier??

We have been busy here at mi casa. Jonathon is playing basketball, which hasn't been that much fun so far. Remember those try-outs we have to insure parity in the league--well, one team is a traveling type situation and generally has beat every one by at least 40 plus points. We have played them in both games we have had so far. I just told Jonathon that now we were done with them and things would get better. Of course after the first quarter our boys just kind of went through the motions in both games. Besides that whoever said life was fair??? and if they did well, they were obviously lying.

I had conferences last week for two nights, then I had Friday off. I spent the day or most of it at Jon's school volunteering with the RIF program and helping with the Valentine party. I had never got to do RIF and I must say I was quite impressed with the whole affair, each child got a free book. I had a ball looking at all the different books. I kept thinking I should have taken in my notebook and wrote down titles. I use a lot of lower level children's books in my English class to introduce basic concepts, then move up to our level. In the afternoon we had the valentine's parties for each class. What a difference a good teacher in control of their class makes. Every one was so well-behaved and mannerly. They were a great group. I brought those little bottles of pop for their drinks and they really liked that.

My Valentines took me out Saturday night to the Tavern to eat. The meal was delicious as usual and we had a good time. There was a local doctor there with their sweetheart. I assume they recently got engaged, because some friends came in to surprise them, I really got a chuckle over what happened next. In the excitement of everything the doctor, their Valentine, and friends took off, leaving with out paying their bar bill. In our small town it is kind of like Cheers--where everybody knows your name. You could tell the hostess was majorily miffed, she called the manager over and was talking and waving her arms and pointing. She went to bathroom and looked for the doctor.

I also have to chime with the Spinster Stitcher's comments on the newscaster and their predictions of upcoming snowstorms, causing a general panic and people running amuck to stock up on things. That has happened twice here lately. Both times they were predicting somewhere near a foot of snow, possible power loss etc. and we got zip, nada, NOTHING! That is why I refuse to get all excited anymore. I mean seriously with all the modern technology???

This week we begin state testing here in the Sunflower State, I must say that I am totally looking forward to getting in that computer lab the end of this week and getting the whole thing behind us. My kiddos are ready and hopefully eager to get it done!

Have a great week!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update Coming Soon...

when I get life by the horns and not the other way around. I have been doing a very little stitching, but after this weekend I hope things slow down to the speed limit at least.

Have a great Thursday!