Friday, January 29, 2010

Old Pieces, Newly Framed

First off, here we are working on that New Year's resolution to help others packing bags of supplies to be donated and sent to Haiti. Jonathon did these at home and I took them to work, my homeroom turned in about 30 bags total.

Here we have the Shepherd's Bush Nativity that I stitched years ago and just recently had framed. Next Christmas this will make its big debut. I wish you could see the frame better, it looks really nice. The frame has some gold around the inside edges, which is why I didn't have this piece matted.

This is also a Shepherd's Bush piece, but of course I don't have a clue what the name of it is. This piece has character! LOL If you look at the upper left corner you will see the colors have bled somewhat. This pattern called for overdyed thread, which was just becoming the rage back in those days (for me anyway). Long story short--three year olds holding a chicken leg near cross-stitch done in overdyed threads isn't a really good idea. Now granted the small greasy smudge his little finger left probably would not have even shown, but this hysterical mom ran to faucet to clean if off. I knew the thread wasn't colorfast, but for some reason I thought I could wash that small spot and not get the rest of it wet. Live and learn--to keep your cross-stitch put away when you aren't stitching.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Much

Well, there isn't a whole lot going on here to post about. I did start a new stitching project, it the Prairie Schooler July pattern. I was moving right along on the whole thing until two things happened. 1) Murphy, the wonder dog chewed up all of the thread I was using at the current time, and 2) Dan became convinced that he was ill, so ill in fact that he could not take Jonathon to basketball practice. He has a cold and stuffy nose. I won't even mention the times I have had a cold and stuffy nose and went to work! Nope, I won't even go there! So needless to say I didn't stitch last night. Plus I did something I swore that I wasn't ever going to do in a hundred million years--I bought a pair of those magnifying glasses. Now I guess I am officially on my way to becoming a future senior citizen. But I guess at least I can see what I am stitching.

So there you have it, my life in paragraph. Hope the excitement doesn't cause too many problems.

Have a great week.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

1st Finish of the New Year

This afternoon while watching my Cowboys get trounced by Favre and the Vikings I finished Lizzie Kate's the ABC of Life. I really grew to love this pattern as I worked on it. At first I wasn't really impressed with the colors and you did a lot of stitching in brown, but as the whole thing emerged I thought the colors really complimented each other. Right now I am letting it hang for a few days to try and relax the remaining wrinkles. I don't use a hoop or a q-snap when I stitch so my stitching gets pretty wrinkled in the process. I ironed it good today, now I will let gravity work on it for awhile. I now will go back to my Shepherd's Bush "O' Holy Night".

I took two pieces to be framed last weekend and was quite happy when I walked into Hobby Lobby to find ready made open back frames 50% off as well as custom frames. When I left I felt like I had got the bargain of the year. I did these years ago when I was a SAHM. One of them is a SB Nativity Scene. Next year we will have a nativity on display. I always feel like a heathen when the priest talks about people who decorate, but don't have a nativity scene. That is one thing I am trying to do is get all of those finishes framed little by little. These should be ready next week and then I can take the ABC's to be framed.

I can't believe tomorrow is the 18th of January. Talk about time flying. I also think it is kind of odd that in the last month between Christmas vacation and snow days I have only worked eight days. That kind of sporadic working in the field of teaching doesn't do much for the motivation of either the teachers or students.

Have a great week!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Year of 2010

It seems everyone else's blogs are talking about their plans or resolutions for the new year. I always make ny resolutions with the best of intentions, but never seem to go very far in keeping them. The main resolution I have this year is to work on being healthier. Of course I chose this one for many reasons, I am only 46 years old, but every month I go to the pharmacy and pick up a bunch of prescriptions for myself and frankly I am too young to be doing this. I need to be able to run around and do things with my ten year old son and not be a couch potato. I need to be able to take him up the street this spring and have batting practice with him to help him out when he starts baseball. I need to be able to play catch with him. I also need to be able to take him to an amusement park and actually ride the rides with him. So that is the main number one goal this year.

I have others of course, like learning the relax. Not always having to be running here or there. I have tried working on this the past two weeks when I have been on vacation. I have tried to stay put and just enjoy the time and use it productively. Usually I have plans to go here and there while on vacation, then when it time to go back to work I am exhausted and wonder how those two weeks flew by so fast! I actually thought of this when we were on vacation in Chicago last year. When I go on vacation I like to be going and moving, usually our vacation are two or three days and I like to see everything I can in that time. I spend days making itineraries, making sure that we use every single solitary minute of the time we have. I have friend and they always have these nice relaxing vacations at the lake and they come home so at ease and happy. I usually come home from vacation wanting a vacation. So this year I going to learn to take the time to stop and smell the roses so to speak.

The last resolution I have is to do more for others. It occured to me when I asked Jonathon to set down and make a Christmas list this year and he couldn't think of a single thing to put on it, that we had gone over the edge. So this year he and I are going to work on doing things to help others. One of our first projects is to make things for the church bazaar coming up in October. It is a start and I have a few more ideas, and we will see how those work out.

Today we have basketball "try-outs". That is the term they use although the kids aren't actually trying out. It is more of a skills assessment to try and keep the teams somewhat even and competitive with one another. I am sort of wondering if it will be canceled because we got more snow and freezing rain last night.

Stitching pictures will be coming soon. I have been working hard on Lizzie's Kate ABC of Life and can feel my first finish of 2010 coming soon. And I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Silver Needle order!

Have a great week.