Friday, April 30, 2010

Excited for May

May 27th that is. Yep! that is the last day for the kiddos at my school and I will be so happy to watch them march off to high school. They went for their two hour orientation today and all they could talk about upon their return was the food in the cafetria. I can see that the experience was really effective for them.

Not much has been going on in our household. I did make an executive decision here about fifteen minutes ago-- the house can stay dirty because I am taking the weekend off and stitching. I have been trying every night to come home and work on the house and get something done, but just decided that I was tired and wasn't going to do anything this weekend. So there!

My poor little aunt weighing less than 70 pounds still hangs on, so that ofcourse has been a huge concern for me as she is my mother's closet sibling in age. Being an only child I will never know what it means to lose a sibling, which makes it equally hard to deal with. I believe my mother and aunt are what many people refer to as "Irish twins". They will both be 66 for about two weeks from the last of May to the first of June.

I am so looking forward to the months of vacation and having the time to stitch and get things organized around here. I have tons of stitching projects I would like to get done, but I also see tons of new stuff that I can't wait to buy and stitch up.

I am going to check out a new stitching store at the end of May called Hearts Desire in Wichita. Memorial Day Weekend my mother, Jonathon and I will be going to Wichita to attend the ordination of a family friend as new priest in our diocese. I am kind of excited to get to go and be a part of this as I have never been to an ordination before.

... and just so this wouldn't be one long ugly post with no photos here is one of my guy and his dog. I have a love/hate relationship with this dog, and sometimes I still can't believe I let them talk me into having a dog, in the house to boot! I was never one of those animal lover type people, but I am learning, slowly but surely, to become one. She doesn't chew so much anymore, but she is ten times more trouble than Jonathon was as a baby and toddler. I think it would have been easier to have another kid, then get a dog.

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend, with lots of sunshine and warm weather.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Reasons I Am Not Stitching.....

Saturday after soccer we went to "Ravens for the Cure" to run the 5K. He did fine running the race , but didn't place. Their age group divisions were pretty broad, but after playing forward, mid-fielder, etc during the soccer he was pretty wiped before he started.

We began our day about 8:45 where he played in a soccer game with some of his peeps. Check out the colors on these uniforms. WOW! And yes, that is my kid with his mouth wide open! I am absolutely positive he gets that from his dad.

This is a scene from the sleepover last Thursday. They are becoming less and less tolerant of me, my camera, and my big ideas for cute pictures. I made them do this particular shot about four times before I got the one I wanted. Someday they will appreciate me. I look at it this way, I am working on graduation presents for the year 2017.

Of course add to that two yards to mow, Murphy the wonder dog, and baseball is starting. It seems that once school gets out we go through about a two week period where we are just happy to stay home and enjoy being home.

My last two thoughts are things that have been on my mind here recently and I thought I should share them with you. My friend Sara became an aunt for the first time Sunday night about 9 to a beautiful little girl named Macy, weighing in at 7 pounds 10 ounces. So of course congrats to Sara and her family. Macy, you will have a lot of fun with that crazy gal for an aunt. I was getting tickled, she started texting about 3 she was so excited. The last text before the birth was about 6 where she was quick to point out that the baby would at least wait until after The Amazing Race was over. I told her to take a deep cleansing breath and find her focal point!

The other thought is if you have the time or inkling please remember my aunt, who in her last stages of lung cancer. As much as we don't want her to leave her earthly home we also don't want her to suffer. We could use all the prayers we could get right now. She is my mom's next younger sister, in fact at the end of May they are the same age for about 2 weeks, needless to say her children, grandchildren, siblings and extended family are very saddened by this.

Have a great week!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Eleven Years Ago....

Eleven years ago today Jonathon was born-weighing in at 10 pounds 15.5 ounces and 22.5 inches long. It is hard to believe that it has been that long, as the old saying goes it seems like only yesterday. We spent five years trying to conceive on our own and another five going to the doctor, so he was a true work in progress. When he was born he was, of course, the biggest baby in the nursery. In fact they had to go out and buy different diapers for him because the newborn diapers the hospital had were too little. When we first brought him home I wasn't quite sure what to do with him and now I am not sure what exactly to do without him.

We had a sleepover last night with four friends. It was one of those years that he couldn't exactly decide what he wanted to do, in the end we picked the sleep over. I was up at 3 am and they were still going strong, Dan got up at 5 to get ready for work and they were awake, but when he left at 6 they were all asleep. We got him a netbook for this birthday. I haven't really been a fan of him being on the computer as the location in our house isn't that great for keeping up with a kid. This way he can be in the living room with us while he is online.

In fact I am using the little thing right now. Our dear little dog has been on a chewing spree lately. Twice she chewed the phone cord going to the computer and then the other day she chewed the cord going to the keyboard--hence no blog updates for a long time.

I have been stitching on the LHN Battle Hymn and have it mostly done. I really like the muted colors used in this design. I have the flowers at the bottom to do and some on the top. The pattern is working up quite fast. I have a lot done considering I haven't been stitching that much.

We only have a measly 39 days of classes left. Although this count does not include weekends. Then let the marathon stitching begin.