Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stitching Emergency!

I was all set to take a picture of my progress the last few days on stocking number 4 and would you believe that I ran out of the main color?!? I am taking my mother over by Joplin tomorrow to a smoke shop (she said she was quitting after the first of the year...I said I was losing weight, I guess neither of us is very dedicated), so I could pick some up there at Hobby Lobby, but I have a better idea. I will order it from the Silver Needle. I can not just order one little skein of thread that would be crazy, so I might just have to break down and order some other stuff to make it worth my while.

Not much has happened here this weekend. I think Jonathon is secretly trying to set the world record for the most sleepovers in a year. He is on his third consecutive night of having someone spend the night tonight. Thankfully, he has really nice friends, so 99% of the time it not a problem. I do think that I am probably the most gullible mom of the whole bunch, because I am always taking them to Sonic or Blockbuster at 11 pm.

This past week certainly has had me thinking. Michael Jackson's death makes me think of Elvis Presley's death. I remember I was in eighth grade, my grandmother had just had surgery that very day to remove a benign tumor from her brain. My mom was in Wichita with her and I was staying at home with my dad. My dad was stationed in Germany in the army the same time Elvis served in the army. I can remember him telling me that he distinctively remembers Elvis coming to their base twice to shop in the PX (?) My dad was never interested enough to go and try to see him either time. I would have been there in a flash with my camera in tow. Of course when Elvis died you did not have the media you have today. I think it is sort of sad that the media is already writing stories about the custody battles they "think" will happen, etc.

Today Jonathon, Abby, and his friend Christopher were sitting at the table eating pizza and started talking about the Michael Jackson videos that had seen on TV and before I knew it they were all up doing MJ dance moves. It just struck me as kind of funny that they were even paying attention to them on television and that the three of them probably had never seen a Michael Jackson video until this week.
I remember watching them on American Bandstand, one show had a clip of them from American Bandstand and I sat there thinking about the fact that I most likely watched that the very first time it was televised.

I can not believe that the July 4th is upon us already. It doesn't seem possible really. We did get a slight break in the weather today, I think the temp was in the high eighties.

Since I don't have a stitching pic to share I thought you might enjoy this one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


A Future Engineer & Progress Pic

I think have talked about Jonathon being a big fan of anything Army and World War II. Earlier this month my dining room floor was the scene of the D-day invasion. He sat down and made several boats without any sort of Lego instructions and put his Lego men in them and used his K-nex to make things on the beach. Next he spent several hours off and on with his digital camera making a stop motion video of the whole D-Day invasion. It was fairly interesting watching a 10 year old do all of this.

The above picture is his latest creation that he made on his own which is a Lego helicopter. I often times look at the things he enjoys doing and wonder where this will lead in the future. Right now I am thinking engineer...but then again he is totally intrigued with the video making, so really who knows. I am thinking of getting him a digital video camera for Christmas. The other day he asked if they had classes in high school where you learned how to do animation on the computer.

Our neighborhood has turned into a war zone of it own lately. Not like the Hatfields and McCoys, but there are weapons involved. The weapons of choice in our neighborhood are water balloons, super soakers and garden hoses. One really has to be careful stepping out the front door. The hot weather has brought on a frenzy of water fights with friends, and the constant running of the garden hose. Not only is the garden hose running, we have the laundry factor- lots of towels and wet clothes. I dread to see our water bill, but as with everything there is an upside I don't have to go in the heat outside and water my flowers they get watered by default.

Here is my progress on stocking number 4. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will get a lot more done and start getting to the end of this project.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roasting Away...

No, sorry I am not cooking anything, but the heat here is something awful right now! With the heat index it feels like 105 outside. It isn't too bad if you are outside and not moving around, but if you have to do anything WOW! I went to Wal-Mart and got a new fan, one of those oscillating tower fans, besides the air conditioner and ceiling fan I need more air moving around.

I was all prepared to show you a picture of the stocking progress that I am making on the last stocking, but the camera battery died. This is a stocking that I also did in the last three, so it is really a repeat.

Tomorrow night is our last ballgame of the season, a make up game from earlier in the month. Sometimes I start to doubt the whole concept of sports for kids. Really I haven't noticed on the whole a lot of poor sportsmanship, but it seems to just take one to set my blood to boiling. It seems to me that the kids don't really mind winning or losing this year they just go with the flow and are happy to be out there with their buddies. Most of the competition is more of a friendly nature, like cousins pitching to each other, best friends tagging each other out, you know that sort of thing. The problem is the adults. Case in point- at swimming lessons this morning one mom remarked to me that she certainly hoped our team lost tomorrow and our perfect season would be ruined. I told her not to count on that because our team is pretty determined. What I really wanted to say was something along the lines of her being a petty, jealous lady who needed to get a life, but with many different adjectives, nouns, and verbs added. However, if I did that then I would not have a family type blog. Another grandparent sits behind homeplate and when the opposing team bats he keeps yelling SWING! Then there is the psycho guy who will never be allowed to coach again, being fired from a volunteer job should be a clue to all of you readers, every game we have several rec officials there just to monitor his behavior. I guess the good news is this too shall pass and that will probably be about 7:30 tomorrow for me.

When we came home from the ball game last night I stayed up until about 3 am and did up all the laundry. I like to stay up late and do housework when the rest of the house is sleeping, I don't know why. I am thankful when I do stay up late that we have cable tv because really I am tired of hearing about North Korea, Iran, Jon and Kate, Casey Anthony and Chris Brown. At least, there is always Roseanne reruns on Nick@Nite.

Until next time, have a great week and happy stitching.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Stitcher's Must Have For Vacations

We heading to Chicago in about a month and I still need to pick up several things for the trip like for example a suitcase with wheels that you can pull instead of carry. The one thing I made sure to get in plenty of time was the book in the photo above A Needlecrafter's Travel Companion. These are great books for the traveling stitcher. It is arranged in alphabetical order by state and has a list of shops that cater to needlework. Several shops have ads in them for each state, but at the end of the ads there is a list of the shops and their phone numbers. They also have a list of stitching retreats and shows for that state.

I used this several times when we have gone places. I used it in New Orleans, Memphis, my home state of Kansas, Dallas, and when we visited Minnesota. I have found some great little stitch shops here and there. For example, one of them I found was a quaint little shop in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Another was a huge shop in a suburb of Minneapolis called Stitcherville USA. I also have looked when we make a quick trip to Wichita, Kansas City or Joplin to see if there are any new shops in the area I don't know about.

On the home front the first three stockings were delivered and my friend was thrilled with them. I am fast at work on the fourth and final one for these two gals.

Jonathon's baseball team is still undefeated. He has had a really hard time batting this year. We have been practicing that and will probably go and hit a few baseballs tonight. I went to Wal-Mart and bought a dozen baseballs. We go to the ball field and I pitch all of them to him then we gather them and do it again. I figure if he can hit something pitched by me, then he can probably hit in a game. Last night the slump was finally broken and he hit a good solid double.

It is still rainy here, we have had several big thunderstorms pop up here and there lately. This morning a big one blew up with lots of wind and predications of hail and large amounts of rain. This of course led us to find out if our car would fit in the garage, and it did, barely. Our house is older and has the two garage doors instead of one big one, not to mention I don't think SUV's were even thought of at the time it was built.

I am off to stitch, Jonathon is off with a friend, so I have some free time. Dan has a meeting tonight, and it is the season finale of the Real Housewives of New Jersey! Whoo!Hoo!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Last week I said would be a week of finishes here for me. Well, I didn't lie, sort of... I for one got the names on all of the stockings I have finished so far. So they are really completely and totally finished. Here's the proof.

My friend Marcia will be picking them up around 5 this evening, at which point it will be her responsibility to sew on all of those little charms, which I hate to sew on and have them finished.

I also finished two more of the donation afghans. So below is a picture of the four I will be donating.

The two I finished are the two in the middle. I have the last one started, but am just about totally burned out on the crocheting at the moment, so I will get back to that at some point.

I am now stitching away on the fourth stocking and plan to have it finished soon.

So in other finished accomplished tasks. We bought a car, and it has rained and rained and rained and Dan hasn't worked a single day since we bought the darn thing. Jonathon had his last two ballgames postponed because of the rain, so I sort of went on a little laundry vacation. Both of these facts lead to two more accomplishments for the week.
I cleaned out the garage to see if the new car will actually fit in the garage. We were driving a 1999 Suburban with about 200,000 miles and it would not fit in our garage. We downsized, but Jonathon and I still don't think this car will fit. Dan and my mother are positive it will. I think I will let one of them try it before I do.
My second accomplishment was to finally yesterday do all of the laundry that had accumulated. I got it all folded last night about 12:30. Dog the Bounty Hunter was chasing fugitives and I was matching socks. Dog and I work well together what can I say?
I have to tell all of you that I seriously thought of taking before and after pictures o the garage to let all of you see how much work I did, but I really didn't want all of you to see what a mess it was in the first place. I also thought of taking a picture of all my neat piles of folded laundry, but it was late and I was getting sleepy.

So for today I am going to the post office to mail Vonna her linen. I am taking Jonathon with me to see if the new BBQ place is open, he is dying to eat there. If it is we will eat lunch there, if not maybe I can talk him into dining at Tavern on the Plaza instead. (This restaurant should not be confused with Tavern on the Green, that is in NY. We are not in NY that's for sure!) Then I am home to clean house so my friend Marcia won't see how messy it is at this moment.

I need to move all of my little neat laundry piles to the bedroom, this way Dan can put it away. I wash, dry and fold. Dan puts away. I never let him wash clothes unless it is his work clothes. I did once let him wash a load of underwear when I was taken to the emergency room dehydrated from a stomach virus and had an upper respiratory infection in the wee hours of the morning. Even though I was seriously ill, I sent him home with detailed instructions on how to do the load of underwear and to bring some back to me. He did a splendid job, except for the fact when he showed up back at the hospital he brought ONE pair of underpants stuffed in his coat pocket!!!!! I guess in my detailed instructions I should have told him to pack me a bag and put some underwear in it, but I was sick for crying out loud, I couldn't think of everything! Now that I have told you way more then I ever intended. I am off to the post office.

Have a great week!

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Winner Is...

Vonna, you thoroughly whipped the competition in the linen giveaway! I won't even mention that you were the only one who wanted it, but hey you won a great prize. You can't beat linen sold by Silkweaver's. I know that you will use your awesome stitching talents to turn this fabric into something stunning.

I have declared this week will be a week of finishes. I am currently putting the last row on another afghan, which at some point in time will be donated to a local pregnancy crisis center. Every year the K of C and Altar Society gather items to donate to this center. Last year year all the ladies were given empty baby bottles in which they saved loose change and the money was part of the donation from our parish. This year I plan to crochet and donate five baby afghans. I have three done. Although our diocese has a home for women who are pregnant and need support our parish supports locally because we feel it helps people from our immediate area.

I also plan to get the last stocking back out and begin to stitch on it and get them finished up so my friends will have plenty of time to get them finished for Christmas.

We have another ballgame tonight. As of right now we are undefeated. Of course we have several games left to play so that could change.

And.... as requested by Vonna here is a picture of the bargain candle holder in all of it's glory in it's little nook.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogiversary Giveaway

In four days it will be one year since my first blog post, so in honor of the big first year I will be giving away three fat quarters of linen purchased from Silkweaver's. The first color is apricot, and is 32 count Belfast Linen. Piece number two, which you really have to look hard to see is also 32 count linen and the color is Navy. The last piece is overdyed, I believe, the color is chocolate vanilla swirl. This is also 32 count Belfast linen. What do you have to do to win?
Leave a comment here and I will draw a winner from a hat (I'm old-fashioned, what can I say? Really, I don't know how to use that random generator thing.) One winner will receive all three pieces. I will draw a winner on June 8 at 12 noon.

This is my stitching progress on LH Heart of America kit. I know you are probably thinking to yourself that I haven't made much stitching progress and you are right.
Honestly, I haven't accomplished much at all so far this summer. I have done a little housecleaning, a little crocheting, and some stitching. We have had three baseball games a week since the end of May, and a couple trips to the swimming pool. So besides doing not a lot and spending approximately nine hours a week sitting on hard bleachers or in a lawn chair, sipping diet pepsi, and cracking sunflowers seeds, I have been lazy. I am thinking I should have titled this blog True Confessions-- first I am technologically challenged, and lazy.

Today we finally got out of the house and went to Bartlesville for something to do. We have this odd place in our living room/dining room area, and I mean odd it is like this place cut out of the wall with a light and it needs something tall to sit in it. Well, I have had my eye on this huge candle holder at Hobby Lobby for a very long time. Truth be told I just can't bring myself to pay $79.99 for a candle holder and then the price for a huge candle to sit in it. Well, today all home accents were 50% off and some select things were 66% off. So I found my candleholder, not the one I have been wanting. This one was orginally $49.99 marked down to $17 dollars, so I bought it. I also checked out some of the retired pieces of Vera Bradley at the Hallmark, but didn't see anything I couldn't live without, so I very bravely walked away with purchasing anything. I did see some things I would love to have, but could live without them.

So there you have it, my big update of doing nothingness. Don't forget to comment if you want the linen!!!