Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Blog Giveaway, A Finish, and Winter Arrives

The charts in the picture above are the charts I am using to make these four stockings. They are Shepherd's Bush stockings--the pattern names are Robert, Sheree, and Charles. These charts are all brand-spankin new--for some reason I had two of each of them. I guess this is what you would call disorganized shopping or something to that effect. These charts could be yours if you want them. Just leave a comment saying you want them. I will draw one winner sometime about noon (CST) on Saturday, April 4. I will try to do this in between party preparations for the big birthday bash the next day.

I finished this stocking offically this morning. I had to add the braid and bangs to the girl and to tell the truth I was a little nervous about it. I cross-stitch and that is about the limits of my talents, but all in all I thought the bangs and braid look pretty much like the cover of the pattern. The only problem I had was getting the nine stands of Alpaca thread in the same holes to do the braid. It actually took three hands, and like 99.9% of the human race I have only two, so I had to go to my mom's house and borrow one of hers.

And this is the scene outside my front door on March 28, 2009. I don't expect this to last long because the weather here has been warm for so long, and tomorrow it is supposed to be 50 degrees. So needless to say we aren't doing a snow day dance here.

I took a personal day yesterday to spend the last day of Jon's spring break with him. We planned to go somewhere, have lunch, do a little shopping here and there. The weather was crappy, he said he would rather invite a friend over. I wouldn't let him do that when he was staying at Grandma's all day long. We started with one friend, then Abby came over, later the kid down the street came by. Somehow it felt like I was at work with all of those kids in the house.

Have a great week.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Week of Progress

Well, here my progress on stocking number 2. I did quite a bit of stitching this week while off work. It was a relaxing week, although the days were a little long being by myself.

We went to Tulsa on Thursday and spent the day going here and there. We hit the high spots--The Silver Needle, where I got the new July Prairie Schooler pattern, the stocking charms and some thread I needed for the stockings. We also went to Toys R Us, Build a Bear, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and Barnes and Noble. Jonathon was bummed when we got to Barnes and Noble because we saw a sign that said the Dugger's (from the TLC show 18 and Counting) would be there for a book signing on Saturday. He thought it would be really cool to meet them. Actually I thought the same thing, but of course Grandma said she had no desire to meet anyone with 18 kids. She is always the party pooper. We also made a couple of stops for Grandma and ate at Applebee's. I would have chosen On the Border, but it wasn't my day to choose.

Jonathon got his report card at Parent-Teacher Conferences last Tuesday and made all A's again. He also got homework to do on Spring Break. I really can't blame the teacher, though, they will begin the State Math Assessment the day they return.
I hate to admit it though, I am going to bribe him this nine weeks and tell him if he has his AR goal by his birthday I will pay him $5. Each nine weeks this year he has waited longer and longer to get his goal. The end of the year gets so crazy at my school, then combine his school, spring soccer, and baseball. It gets to be too much, so anything we get done early is worth it.

He had his first soccer practice this past Saturday, we got a good coach. The kids on his team have fun while playing the game, the coach has more fun I think--at practice he plays as much as the kids.

We have a few little things to get finished today--laundry, mini blinds at my mom's, and some little chores. Then it is time for the Amazing Race and stitching.

Have a great week.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stocking #2

I realize that you can not tell a lot by the current progress, but hopefully I can remedy that by the end of the week. This is for my friend's new granddaughter. She was born in November. It will be a young lady holding a flag, which will be appropriate because her daddy is in the army. His will be the Shepherd's Bush stocking that looks like a soldier. The nice thing about these patterns are that they work up so quickly.

I actually would have had more done if I had not been sidelined by my current book. The librarian at our school gave it to me so I could read it and write an AR test for her. It is the The Hour I First Believed by Wally Lamb. I have read some of his other books, and they were okay, but this one was really good. I started reading about 9:30 yesterday morning and finished last night about midnight. It is about a couple teaching at Columbine during the school attack, he isn't there at the time, but she is in the library. The entire story is about her recovery from the experience and how it leads him on a path of self discovery about his own upbringing etc. Lamb also incorporates other big events in US history such as 9-11, Hurricane Katrina.

This week is spring break. I am helping with picture day at Jonathon's school tomorrow. In a way having separate spring breaks might be a blessing disguise, because I am sure I will get more done house wise then I would have otherwise. At least I will have to get up and at it every morning to get him off to school.

We are getting ready for dinner, pork loin sandwiches, baked potatoes (Pioneer Woman style), and chocolate pie. Jonathon is at Abby's right now, so we will have to run over there and collect him before everything is done. After that I think we are going to my mom's and Dan is going to put up mini blinds and hang pictures. She just loves it when we wait until the day is almost over to start projects, but that is just when we usually end up doing stuff like that. Hopefully there will be a basketball game she can watch while he is doing the work.

We also have to make a grocery store run. He is taking his lunch two days this week. Usually this consists of a ham sandwich, chips, jello or pudding, with a Gatorade to drink. Well, he is tired of that he wants lunchables, but he doesn't like the ham and turkey stackers, the pizza, taco, or nacho either. So I guess it will be Chicken Dunks or Chicken Shakers (?). I know that sound stupid, but I was a picky eater when I was little too. I now eat a lot of different foods, so he will probably outgrow this eventually. It must be true that you get paid back by your kids when you have them.

Everyone have a great week.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moving Along

I stitched last night on the next Shepherd's Bush stocking. I will take a picture of it as soon as it resembles something other then a bunch of lines. I actually got quite a little bit done on the stocking last night. Tuesday is my television night. I watch the Biggest Loser ( I should sign up for the show instead of watching it, but...) and the Real Housewives on Bravo. I came to conclusion while watching the refined NY ladies that only people who think they don't have class do. Those who think they are classy, well, they usually have less class then the average person. (i.e. Ramona and the Countess LuAnn). I don't know where that just came from... you would think an English teacher would know that a paragraph should have one main idea. OMG I am turning into my students! I should be texting my BFF about my former BFF at 50mph instead of blogging!

Anyway, I did accomplish other things today and this week that I am proud of, such as I created a 22 page literature unit that I will be using with my kiddos after Spring Break. I have all of my grades posted for this nine weeks, and let me tell you with the online grading system we are using that is no small feat. At grade card time it is almost impossible to use when their site hasn't crashed. Oops! there I go again, off topic. The only other major accomplishment I made today was snarfing down half a bag of Reese's miniture peanut butter cups. I am not really proud of that accomplishment, but life is full of pitfalls.

The only other news I have is that if you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will remember I wrote a post in September about Jonathon and two of his buddies getting to ride in this awesome hotrod. Well, that car is now #16 in the line of Hot Wheels Collectibles (the Larry's Garage line), and we are now the proud owner of one of the hot wheels. It is our latest claim to fame. And, honestly, I did not know that Hot Wheels collecting was so involved. I am glad I do not try to collect them because the number of different things they have that you can collect is very large.

Have a great week.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I finally had a few minutes to sit down last night and put the last three stitches in this. I still have to put the name on, but I usually wait until I get all of them done and put the names on all at once.

Not a lot has been going on. Beautiful weather graced us last week, it really seems more like summer than spring or winter. We had company this weekend. Dan's little brother and his family were here for a couple of days. We got to enjoy Max. He had an "awesome" week at preschool and got to bring Elvis the stuffed dog home for the weekend. He was supposed to take pictures of Elvis and have his mom and dad help him write about Elvis's adventures. Jonathon did something similar in kindergarten, except he brought home this great big multi-colored snake called Sneaky Snake.

This is my final week before spring break. I have lots to do at work to get things lined out for the week after. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get every thing together and organized.

I think we going to plan an outing to Tulsa the week I am out. Jonathon is excited and we have a list of things we want to do there. I have a stitching list going for the Silver Needle. I always say no matter how long my list is there, or how much the bill adds up to, it is still cheaper than therapy!

Everyone seems to be doing well, no one else has been sick. Dan has a couple of job offers to look into, so hopefully one of them will work out and we will be on our in that department.

Until another post, have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Almost Done...

I am really close to finishing the first stocking. In fact I just have one color left to put on the stocking and then I will have a photo of it to upload.

I did get some snow! Believe it or not on Saturday and maybe an 1/8 of an inch accumlated along the edges of my driveway, but now we are back to the spring like weather. Tomorrow we are supposed to hit 80 degrees again. The heat at the school is not the best, don't get me wrong it works, sometimes even when you don't have it on. When it is eighty outside sometimes the radiators are pumping out the heat. To me it all seems like a waste. When we talk about school budgets I often think of all the days we have windows open and the heat going.

Spring break begins one week from tomorrow. I can't wait!

Have a great Thursday.