Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rain, False Alarms and Sump Pumps

We have seriously had a lot of rain here in the Midwest. Monday it rained all day long, Tuesday off and on and then again today. Ofcourse, for a few days our basement sump pump had been making this god-awful sound. Dan called and asked the place where we bought it about the noise. They said it was probably sucking air, don't worry unless it comes on and doesn't shut off. Well, about midnight Monday night I heard a strange, loud, humming and.... you guessed it! I got Dan up to go and check it. He unplugged it for awhile and plugged it back in and it worked fine a couple of times then we were back where we started. He was up almost all night babysitting the darned thing so we wouldn't get water in the basement. I don't think I slept much all night because I was up worrying he would fall asleep and not check it. So, first thing on the Tuesday morning to do list was fix that. I think we have everything up and running.

Ofcourse it is supposed to rain everyday for the next week or more. The river is out of it's banks and the road to the farm is under enough water that Dan can't get in out there. The guy that lives there can't get out. I keep thinking that perhaps there will be enough water over enough roads we will get out of school for a day or so.

Anyway, back to the subject of Tuesday. We are reading this book in my English class that corresponds with the history class teaching the Civil War. It is actually quite boring and very slow going. So first hour we are reading right along about the Creighton family and the start of the Civil War discussing the author's use of allusions and... Suddenly the fire doors outside my room slam shut and we hear this funny little beeping sound. Then the fire alarm starts going off. We all evacuate the building. I have to say my class exited as fast as I have ever seen. They saw a chance to stop reading that novel and they were off to the races. We get outside and we hear all of these sirens, we have the police, fire, ambulance, and sheriff departments there. Long story short we has a bad sensor, all was well and after about twenty minutes we were allowed back in the building. No one grabbed their books on the way out, I am sure they were getting excited about the thought that they may actually go up in flames and they would not have to finish the book on one hand, on the other hand several kids kept worrying about their cell phones being in their lockers. We were lucky it happened on Tuesday instead of Monday because Monday morning about that time it was pouring down rain. It was a little on the cool side Tuesday morning.

So my week has been fairly eventful with the rain, lack of sleep, impromptu fire drills and whatnot.

Monday, April 27, 2009

This, That and the Other

Not a lot has been going on in our neck of the woods. I was all geared up for a hectic busy week to start and from the looks of the weather it all just got canceled. I don't know how much rain we got in the past hour or so, but I am betting there will be no baseball practice tomorrow night or soccer on Wednesday. We still need to get baseball shoes, so now I am guessing we have a little more time.

Of course we don't have to worry about the weather farming wise, but wouldn't you know Dan's new job revolves around the weather. Yep, they don't work if it is wet and rainy, and if you don't work you don't get paid. The more things change the more they stay the same.

I don't have any stocking pics to show you because I haven't actually got that much stitching finished lately and the stocking I am working on now is just like the one I did the first time, so you can look at those pics.

About the only thing I really managed to get accomplished this weekend was making cinnamom rolls. I made a lot of them! I gave them to all of my friends and some of Jonathon's friends. At one point I had both my mom and Dan in the kitchen helping me. Most of you don't know what a statement that actually is. See neither one is very good at following directiions. Hence, they say they will help then they don't do what you tell them to do the way you told them to do it. Therefore, that is not help, or maybe I am just too picky I don't know.

I am terribly ready for May to come and for school to be over with. High schoolitis has really set in for the eighth graders and that is not a good thing.

Have a great week.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Stocking number 3 is almost officially finished. I have to run a ribbon from the trumpet to his coat so it won't be hanging out in midair.

Not a lot is going on here except lots of rain. I don't care, though! I have no wheat to drown, no corn crop to be destroyed, no soybeans that can't be planted. I do have a yard full of grass that needs mowed, but I can handle that.

The school year is finally winding down. I have one more Friday in April and three Fridays in May. We do have some soon to be retired teachers in our building that could probably tell you the time down to the seconds that we have left.

Friday my darlings were in the computer working on the final project for the book we have been reading. One of them was whining it was too hard, too much, blah, blah, blah. I told him to be glad it wasn't fifteen years ago, because he would be in the library looking in encyclopedias, not using a computer. One of them looked at me totally serious and asked "did you really have to use encyclopedias when you were in school?" I looked back just as serious and replied, "yes, I also combed my hair with a dinosaur bone, and got a new outfit once a year after my dad went out and slayed a woolly mammoth." After all I was in high school fifteen years ago, of course I was! Try thirty and you will be in the ballpark.

Then Jonathon comes home and reports that a friend has told him that his parents had been married 10 years. Jonathon told him that we had been married twenty years! Kevin absolutely could not believe that! Because that was a terribly long time! If only Kevin knew! Anyway, by 5:30 Friday night I felt like I should go home and put on my pajamas and get ready for the nursing home.

Today was a fun day, however, one of my stitchy buddies I met through an Internet site has moved nearby and we got together with another lady this afternoon for some lunch, laughs and surprises. We had actually been planning to do this sometime in the future, but since there was a special delivery being made we planned it sooner. Deb, has been a quilter for a few charity groups online and one of those groups recently made her a quilt. Of course, I almost spilled the beans before Sandy got there with quilt, but I shut up just in time! And for the record there were no winos! I told Deb she should feel special because the patterns were of cats and I just won't stitch a cat for anyone.

Well, I should get off here. We have to go to and download a new creation for all of you voters out there.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Pool Punks

Yep! That is what they are! With the exception of one kid in the photo all of them are fourth graders. There were about three others there, but this bunch has hung out together since kindergarten. The swimming party was a huge success, everyone had fun, especially Tanner from across the street. He is four and had to wear a life vest because the water was over his head at the shallow end, but that did not deter him. He went off the diving board over and over doing whatever the big kids did.

I don't have much stitching progress to show off, because well I have not stitched that much actually, but I am slowly getting there. I plan to do some major stitching tonight while watching Friday Night Lights, well, if I don't fold laundry. That really should be high on the list of priorities around here since we are almost at the state of underwear emergency.

We think Dan has a job and will be starting soon, at least that is the way it looks so we are keeping our fingers crossed on that front. The last nine months have been such a rollercoaster ride for us in every way shape and form. I must say, however, so many have been so kind to us. Even if it was just a kind word here and there it made all the difference in the world. We certainly can't discount the fact that we have so many wonderful friends.

I need to get busy. I am going to i-tunes to download some oldies music for my class to listen to on Tuesday. We are reading a book about the integration of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. In the book the two girls are always talking about the music they listen to, and I was really surprised when most of them said they didn't know who Fats Domino was! They had never even heard the song "Blueberry Hill." That will all change on Tuesday!

Have a great week!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Winner Is.... and another stocking start

Yes, Bridgette you are the winner. You can email me from my profile page with your snail mail and I will send you your stocking patterns.

This is the third stocking I have started and thanks to soccer practice I have a couple hours more stitching time in this week. The Shepherd's Bush ladies have such an eye for color. They seem to know just how many dark, rich colors to blend with the lighter muted colors and the best combinations. Honestly, photos on the charts and photos taken by the stitcher do not do their designs justice.

Not much has gone on this week except the big birthday week, which you can read about below. That and the fact that April seems to be flying by and that means May is not far behind. May means the end of yet another school year. It is hard to believe every year about this time that my students will soon be high school freshmen. I took about forty of them uptown to Subway to buy their lunch out this week as a reward for meeting their accelerated reading goal. You never know with that age who will show up--their evil personna or their good personna. But I have to tell I was like one proud momma with those kids--polite, well-mannered, and quiet. Other people eating there even commented on their behavior. That is those that were brave enough to come in. We had several look in the door and run the other way.

Today they are predicting snow for tonight and tomorrow and we are having a swimming party to celebrate Jonathon's birthday. It will be a nice party as he has picked some pretty good friends to hang out with and the crowd is pretty much the same from year to year. He has been in this cycle with another friend of having a sleepover every time we turn around. Friday night they spent the night here, so there was very little sleep. Tonight should be an early night after swimming.

Dan is still on the job hunt. He has several promising prospects, but with wet weather and the slow economy it may take us awhile to find something permanent. All I know is the fact that we are going to have two hard freezes in a row this week doesn't bother me in the least. We have no crops to be ruined, so who the heck cares if it snows in April! I could do without the forty mile an hour gusting north wind.

Hope you all have a productive and wonderful week.


April 2 was Jonathon's tenth birthday. It only seems like yesterday! We had his birthday dinner on Thursday night. He ordered pepperoni bread, chips and salsa, hot wings and ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. His guests were grandma, Uncle Rex, Aunt Susan, and Abby.

From mom and dad he got two lego sets and an x-box game. From grandma he got a Wii Fit--which he loves. He came back from her house the other night and reported that he burned 48 calories running.

His kid party will be today at the high school swimming pool.