Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Need A Snowstorm

Debbie at Following the Narrow Path is tired of winter, and I want to know what happened to winter. Today is near 80 degrees, the kids at school were bonkers and I am pretty sure the weather doesn't help. We have had weather in the 70's for most of February. I really need a snow day, that is one of the perks of being a teacher.

Not a lot else going on, the stomach flu stuff has hit at our house. So far I have avoided it, and for that I am thankful.

Have a great Friday!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Am Making Progress

I have most of the stocking done, I still have the reindeer at the bottom, the border and the name. I haven't been stitching very much this past week. This week has just seemed to fly by. Everything in the world seemed to occur this one week-bank robbery, murder, state testing, family bingo night at school, high school homecoming, sleepover at friend's, skating party, and working church bingo. You name it our small little humdrum county had it all. This week all I really have to look forward to in the way of excitement is the fight between Grethchen and Tami on the Real Housewives Reunion on Bravo. I did get excused from jury duty due to testing. They said I would be called during the next round and that is fine.

This week I do plan on stitching every evening at least for awhile.

Jonathon has been busy with school and is getting ready to start playing spring soccer. Today we went and got new soccer shoes before he went skating with a friend. We got new shin guards, shorts etc. last fall, so hopefully we will be ready to start. He is actually more ready to play baseball. At least soccer will get him up and moving.

Other than that we are being fairly boring here, going to work, going to school and that is about it.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

3 Day Weekend, Homeroom Mom, and Jury Duty

That pretty much sums up what has been going on around here. I had Friday off work because of parent-teacher conferences earlier in the week, but that was also the day of Jonathon's Valentine's Day party at school. We had a great time at the party, everyone was so calm and polite. The polar opposite of the fall party earlier in the year. The teacher remarked that he didn't realize until he got this job that teaching was being a psychiatrist, parent, nurse, counselor and referee. Yep, that is something they don't teach you in college. Teaching isn't really anything at all to do with the three r's. I always say being a middle school teacher will either work out really well for Jonathon, or not at all. Either nothing he does will shock me, or he will never to get to leave the house.
I spent most of Friday and today stitching on the stocking. Of course I don't have much progress to show as I spent most of my day stitching and then ripping it out. Then the color I needed the most I was out of...but last night we out to eat for Valentine's and I managed to run into Hobby Lobby and grab what I needed. It is sort of distressing to go in some place and see that the cross-stitch supplies are so limited.
I went to the mailbox this morning and found that I have to report to jury duty on Tuesday, which is totally not good timing. State testing begins the next day for me. I plan to tell the judge that, and I am sure he won't care, but it is very important that I be at my job during state testing. Another blunder from the Bush administration that the new administration will have to clean up, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND. I promise that is all I will say about that, otherwise this post will be as long as the great American novel.
We had a fairly eventful week here. Dan's dad had some major health issues to deal with this week. Monday afternoon he was taken by helicopter to Tulsa for his heart. We thought for a while after he was stabilized he would need a pacemaker, but the doctors eventually concluded that it was his medicine that was causing the problems. Since he has been home he has been doing well, so hopefully we are on the road to recovery there. He's a pretty resilant fellow. Dan is a rural fireman, and since the two paramedics were in the back with his dad he drove the ambulance to the hospital. I am only hearing about the events leading up the life flight in bits and pieces, he finally told me that last night. Dan is a man of few words.
It is only three weeks until spring break for me and four weeks until Jonathon's. I can't believe that the school year is going so fast. It won't be long until summer break is upon us.
Have a great week.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

74 degrees on February 7

Who would ever believe that? It has been really warm here. On one hand that is good as the air is pretty humid and we can all breathe a little better. We are hoping for some rain to move through here this week. It is really dry and the danger of grass fires are fairly big right now. Dan's rural fire pager has been squawking all weekend. Ofcourse in the back of my mind I am thinking everytime it gets this warm in February we generally have a very big snow storm before long. Could that mean more stitching days, I mean snow days, out of school? I wonder if there is a patron saint of snow to whom I could pray a novena. (Just kidding, God) We really do need the moisture a big, deep, wet snow would bring us.

We have been up and to Mass, the grocery store, and we are back home. Miss Abigail came over last night and spent the night. She helped me get some pork loin marinating for sandwiches later on. She wasn't really impressed with the smell, or sure she should add Dr. Pepper, but I assured her it would be fine and taste good! We put two pork loin roasts in a cooking bag and added a bottle of Claude's BBQ Brisket Sauce and 20 oz. of Dr Pepper and tied the bag shut. It will soak for an hour or two, then I will but the whole mess in the oven to cook. After it has cooled a bit I will slice it up and we will have some delicious sandwiches. Since the weather is so summery we might have potato salad also.

For the rest of the day it is off to do laundry and some stitching.

Have a great week.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Itching to Stitch!

If my house had better lighting you could see my new stash better. This is stuff I ordered from the New Year's Eve sale and the Superbowl sale! Of course it will be awhile before I get to it. I have some stuff from Prairie Schooler, Blue Ribbon Design, and Little House. And it's Friday night!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get up and get all of my have to do's out of the way and I can stitch some. We are having some unseasonably warm weather here, so maybe I'll take a walk. I downloaded some new music for my ipod I could listen to on my walk.

This week at school the science teacher on our team showed the kids a video of a woman giving birth, so needless to say this week has been interesting. One kiddo was describing what the baby looked like when it was being born and I said "yes, I know." He then looked at my and said, "How do you know? You didn't see the video." I had to remind him that I had a baby once, then the light came on in his head. Oh yeah!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If I Had Been Thinking....

ten years ago I would not have started this project. I have two really close friends, who have three daughters between them. About ten years ago I made all of the girls stockings as a Christmas gift. Then in the next couple of years I made stockings for each of my friends and their husbands. The girls were in high or middle school around that time. I guess I never considered the fact that they would soon be adults and someday get married, have children, significant others etc. So here I go again. This stocking is going to be for a husband. I still have one husband, a significant other (if it doesn't work out I can take his name off and put another on! just kidding!) and a grand baby. I might have to impose some sort of limit on the birth rate for these girls. I do enjoy stitching these stockings. I love their colors, using the #5 pearle cotton, and the linen they are stitched on. But in reality who can have everyone for a family Christmas and not have stockings for everybody? So I will continue to stitch away.

The photo below is of Dan, Jonathon, and Cleo all trying on their 3D glasses before they need them to watch the movie preview at the end of the first half of the Super Bowl. You will notice that Cleo's are on backwards. When the preview started Jonathon was wowing because he could see the 3D stuff, Dan couldn't see a thing (he really needs glasses), and Cleo could see, but said everything looked normal to him. I finally looked up from my stitching and told him his glasses were on backwards. Once he put them on correctly everything was clear.

Have a great Thursday and Friday, Saturday is around the corner.