Monday, June 3, 2013

Let the Summer Vacation Begin

So much for being a better blogger this past winter and spring. Work has been crazy and I am ready to take a step back and relax. All of this Common Core stuff is kicking my behind. I had more professional days this year than sick days. Jonathon and I left on the Tuesday after school got out and headed to Washington DC on a group trip. We went with the kids from my school, three of his friends and one momma. It was a whirlwind trip we walked an average of about 5.5 miles a day. Above is my favorite out of the five hundred pictures that I took while I was there. Our group consisted of 10 adults and 22 students.

This summer promises to be a busy one. Jon is getting his driver's license, playing baseball and doing summer weightlifting to football season, and going to football camp. I am going to be chauffer, we aren't quite ready to turn the kid out with a car just yet.

Hopefully this week I can get back to stitching and quilting and have a nice relaxing time.

Catch y'all later.

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