Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hello Again

So here I am--back after several months. We finally got all the remodeling done, had a garage sale and got rid of multitudes of stuff. Just about the time we thought we could finally relax and get a couple weeks of vacation in before the start of the school year, my father in law fell and broke his hip. He had surgery to repair it and we thought things were moving along. He was going to have to go to the nursing home for a few months to get back on his feet and whatnot. Long story short, he has had a history or heart problems and was an insulin dependent diabetic, and died from heart failure about a week after the surgery to repair his hip. He did not have a will, so we got the whole probate thing started. Work has really been busy as we are slowly moving towards the new common core standards that have been adopted by 46 of the fifty states already. This has included lots of meetings, training, and time on the computer. We are one of the lucky states that received a waiver on the NCLB legislation, so that is good.

Another reason I have not had a lot of time to devote to anything besides running here and there is the boy decided that he wanted to play football, after he had already committed to soccer. Some mornings I left the house at 6:45 am and got home at 9:45 pm. After our first two games he fell and broke his wrist. He still had to attend practice and games, and was finally cleared to play in the last football game of the season. I am just tired.

Here are some pics of my attempts at quilting. The first is the one I just finished. The pic is being very polite as it was not exactly the vision of perfection. I did take it to have it machine quilted today and the owner of the quilt shop was nice enough to give me some pointers. They sounded very helpful and I can't wait to try them out.

This quilt is one of two that made for my husband and son. They are both K-state fans and I tried to incorporate the school fabrics I found with other purple prints. I think the pattern is called a railroad pattern of some type.

I have also been stitching and I am working on the Hawk's Run Christmas pattern. I am hoping that life slows down some and I get to spend some time sitting on my end of the couch stitching. Lately, my NOOK has become my best friend for all the time I spend waiting to pick up and wait.

Happy Stitching to All and to All a Goodnight