Sunday, March 4, 2012

My First Quilt

Here is a picture of the first quilt I have made. I can't take full credit for it as my mom helped me quite a bit on it, but I think it turned out pretty good. As luck would have it the little guy I made this for made his appeareance in the world the same day the quilter called and said that it was ready to be picked up. I now have to get started on the little fella's stocking. His name is Sawyer and he is quite a little cutie.

Not a lot is going on here. We are getting ready for spring break and starting to do some remodeling on our house. We have some of it done already. We have the tile in the utility area and kitchen down. We are redoing the bathroom and putting new windows in the entire house. Hopefully that will help the outer appearance and with the heating and cooling bills somewhat. It is odd we haven't don't a thing to this house since moving in and our valuation went up $12,000 this year. I only we could sell it for what it is taxed at, we would have it made.

School is rolling along. I can't believe that the fourth nine weeks is coming up here in a bit. Time has really flown this year!

Sorry for short post! Not a lot has been going on around here.

Happy stitching!