Saturday, July 30, 2011


We just returned home from a short vacation to Branson, Missouri. We took a friend of J's with us and did Branson tween stuff for two entire days. We went to Silver Dollar City, Whitewater, rode the Ducks, Titanic museum, mini golf, go-karts etc. etc.
So everyday we ate breakfast at a little place called the Waffle House, not to confused with the big black and yellow chain. This is a little privately owned place, very clean, good old-fashioned service--you know the where the waitress brings you your drink and your food, then comes and clears the table for you. So yesterday morning the waitress tells us that Barry Williams, aka Greg Brady, had just left. He is in town for the month, performing I presume, and he comes in about every day some time between 8 and 9. That is why we ate there, I was banking on going in there and meeting Greg Brady! I was so excited, about as excited as I would have been if I had heard Donny Osmond was performing with his brothers and singing "Puppy Love". I spent all day yesterday singing what I could remember of Sunshine Day, and We're Gonna Keep On, Keep On,(which, I still remember some of the dance moves from that song)... and of course the theme song. I mean seriously don't you remember Friday television as a kid, The Brady Bunch, The Partridge Family, and before them Family Affair? Those were the days! Imagine my disappointment when I got there this morning and he didn't show up! J and his buddy asked, "How will you know he's here?" Seriously?

Anywhoose, since this is supposed to be a stitching blog, and not the Greg Brady Fan Club Blog, I would like to report that I also visited Cecilia's Samplers Needlework Shop. It was a charming little place on the Shepherd of the Hill's Expressway. They had a very well stocked little store with lots of selection in patterns, fabric, and threads. I will say that it was a little hard to find. It is located by a rather large Phillip's 66 station. The reason I say it is hard to find is the sign faces towards the convenient store and not the road. But all in all it was a nice shop.

Well, I will stop there, I have tons of laundry, and ice chests full of stuff to deal with as well as a great need for a nap.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stitchin' Under the Heat Dome

There is no possible way for a person in our part of the world to be comfortable and cool these days. At 8:54 pm this evening it was still 95 degrees outside, the only person loving it was Murphy the Dog! She had a grand time on her evening walk around the neighborhood, me not so much! So, to beat the heat I have been cleaning a little here and there with the fans and AC going. I have been doing some stitching too.....

I finished these two kits while watching the "trial". Now I am busily stitching away on Bent Creek's Countryside Row or something to that effect. I am slowly coming down the homestretch of my summer vacation. I don't know about everyone else, but daytime television is awful nowadays. I think that is why I have been semi bored this summer vacation, that and the fact that I don't go outside unless there is a national emergency or we are out of diet Pepsi, because I have an extreme aversion to sweating buckets, and wearing a bra in this weather. Hope this didn't offend anyone or was TMI, but it is the truth, no matter how ugly!

A couple weeks ago Jonathon went to the country club pool with a friend to swim. Then he came home thinking it would be nice if we would join the country club-- I told him to run it by his dad. Like he has a chance of that happening, but anyway on with the story--He had a little cut on each of his big toes from the bottom of the pool, so says he, but the next morning he had two huge blisters on his toes from standing on the cement around the pool. Most people would have moved to a towel or got back in the pool, but not him. See they were playing a game and throwing balls at each other as they dove off the diving board and it was his turn to stand on the cement and nail his buddies with the balls. The sacrifices of youth!

So, I am getting ready to head back upstairs and start on my stitching while I catch the latest episode of Toddler and Tiaras. I thank God every Wednesday night that my mother didn't try to make a pageant queen out of me. My other new show that I love to watch is My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, I don't think I would have made a good gypsy either, those three hundred pound dresses would make me sweat,and I believe we have already covered that topic.

Have a wonderful week, stay cool, and may many happy, carefree, stitching hours come your way.