Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bigfoot and the Summer of the Growth Spurt

Here are pics of my latest finish and my new project. The first is Countryside Row by Bent Creek and the project that I am currently working on is the newest alphabet from Prairie Schooler. I know the PS alphabet will be gorgeous when it is finished because the colors all laid together are very striking, they are rich fall colors. Both of these will be proudly displayed in my kitchen once they are completed and framed.

So the summer has come to a close and J started middle school on Friday. I hope the next six years don't go as fast as the first seven years of school did. Why? Because instead of sitting in my car feeling all nervous and strange watching him walk off with his buddy to middle school. I will be standing in the middle of the street watching him drive off to college.

Sixth grade started off at 84 pounds and 4'9" tall. Now we stand at a little over
5'3" and wear a size 9.5 men's size soccer shoe. We have a deep voice to go with all of this. I keep wondering where my kid is!

So I have approximately three days left before I return to work, I plan on doing a little bit of cleaning and a lot of stitching.

Okay, well I must say goodbye I am off to watch the Jersey Housewives!


Vonna said...

Oh golly...what a lovely finish! GORGEOUS!! And your Prairie School is going to be FABULOUS :)
J sounds like my two boys....I can't keep up with shoes and pants :)

stitchin schoolmarm said...

He just keeps growing! Luckily I have a cousin with two little boys, so they will be in clothes for the next few years! I really like being able to hand things down!