Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Progress

You will have to excuse the poor picture quality, but this is my progress on One Nation thus far. It is really an easy stitch, just time consuming. I am looking forward to stitching something with more colors. I am thinking if I can get one row a day done, then in the next week I should have a finished project. The size of this is huge and I think I am suing a smaller count fabric than the model on the pattern cover. While I stitch I keep looking around the living room/dining room area to see where this might hang when I am finished.

Not much has been going here at casa de Stitchin Schoolmarm. J is in full swing with baseball. His coach is an older guy, who has no children playing, he is sort of old school. Jonathon seems to really like him, he makes them do push ups for not following directions and listening. The first couple of practices there were a lot of push ups going on, now not so many.

Dan has been working for a local farmer since January and has been really busy lately. J and I just hang out at home and enjoy the quiet time of summer. We hardly see Dan, except to come home in the evening to eat a bite and then shower and go to bed. He really likes his new job, so I guess that is all that matters.

Murphy the wonder dog is still being Murphy--out of one thing and into two. I think she is secretly jealous of my stitching. She keeps putting her nose between my hand and the fabric until I put my stitching down and pet her. I tell Jonathon every day that his dog is way more trouble than he ever was as a toddler. She is always barking at anything that moves outside, but this morning we put her in the backyard. Another bigger dog down the block started barking and she hightailed it to the door with her tail between her legs whimpering to get in. She obviously isn't as brave as she claims to be.

The weather has been really warm for this part of June. We got outside and planted some flowers the other day and got the front yard spruced up a bit. Of course we are still on a list to get a roof due to hailstorms in our area, so I had to be careful about where I planted things.

So have a great week!

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