Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you.....


I am sure that by now all of you out there in bloggerville has heard about the tornado that hit the Joplin area 8 days ago. This tragedy hit pretty close to home for my hometown as a family from there lost loved ones in the storm. You may have heard or read about them on the news--it was a young father, who recently joined the National Guard, and his son and daughter. They were trying to get home when the storm hit and ran into the Home Depot to take shelter. As you probably know the store was completely annihilated in the storm, the father and two small children did not survive.

We went to the rosary yesterday and as we arrived we were greeted with the Patriot Guard standing in front of the funeral home, to protect the family in case of protesters. I am sure many of you know who/what I am referring to, however, I refuse to call them by the name of their organization, because frankly they are worthy of that courtesy. They did not make it into the town of Joplin that day, as rumor has it. Supposedly they stopped outside of Joplin at truck stop where truckers immediately blocked them in so they couldn't leave.

The above photos are of the Patriot Guard meeting up in my hometown to make a wall to protect the family in the event any one not wanted showed up. Many of these men and women are war vets themselves and some of them are just ordinary people who love to ride their motorcycles. Either way their service to our men and women in the armed forces is appreciated. And seeing all of those flags whipping in the wind bring a tear to my eye.

Please remember these people and my friends in your prayers.
God Bless America!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I continue to pray for those that were affected by the tornadoes last week. Two couples in our Sunday School class have married children who live in Joplin. One of the couple's son and DIL were blessed to come through the storm unscathed. The other couple's son and DIL had damage to their home but not total devastation.

stitchin schoolmarm said...

When we left the rosary yesterday we took Rangeline to the interstate, the devastation is terrible, but everywhere you looked there were people helping people.