Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

So even though it is spring break there isn't a lot going on around here. We are just hanging out at home and trying to get a few things done. We finally got the yard cleaned up-- I don't know what kind of tree we have in our front yard but it drops those little stickery balls. They were everywhere! We ended up with about seven of the large garbage bags (5 of them contractor bags) full. They took quite awhile to rake up, but Jonathon and my mom helped. We also clipped off the dead parts of my mums and cleaned out the flower beds. One area of the yard had some of the weed blocker fabric down with mulch on it, and it always seemed damp and we have mosquitoes around the porch area pretty bad in the summer so we took all of that up. We still need to clean out the window wells of the basement windows.

I also went to the greenhouse and bought several containers of the creeping phlox for the flower bed in the front of the house. This way I won't have to go through and plant stuff every year. That will save me a bunch of money. I will still plant some big pots with different varieties of flowers in them. And I still have my rusty old wheelbarrow to plant some flowers in-- since Dan is going to be working for an area farmer from now on I just felt the need to simply things outside as much as possible because I will probably have to do the bulk of the yard work with summer.

Tomorrow we are going to start on the inside of the house and get some things organized and some cleaning done, I don't think it will take long if I just get in gear and get started. Wednesday I plan on cleaning out the freezer in the garage because we will be getting a beef soon. I still need to paint some bookshelves for Jonathon's room and clean up my rocking chairs that I sit on the front porch. Hopefully, getting all of these projects done over spring break will allow us to get through until the end of school easily--since we have band concert, spring soccer and beginning of baseball, baseball skills night, my school track meet, McTeacher night, etc. etc.

I have got some stitching done on my memorial sampler. Hopefully it will be finished this week and ready for framing the near future. We are going shopping one day this week, just not sure which one.

Jonathon is getting ready for his twelfth birthday. I think he is going to have a sleepover again. I sure wish his birthday coincided with Will and Kate's wedding since I will probably be up all night that night anyway watching the wedding.

Until next week have a good one!

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Oklahoma Granny said...

I think those little balls that you're describing are Sweet Gum Balls. I love Creeping Phlox and we had a lot in our yard before we moved. Maybe I'll buy some this year. We've been adding things to our new yard a little at a time and phlox would be a great addition. I'm excited about the royal wedding too but I'm thinking I'll record it.