Friday, March 25, 2011


So today we went to Tulsa and I, of course stopped by the Silver Needle. They had a big tub of their book grab bags for $5. I saw two patterns in the front of two bags I wanted. Since both of those patterns were marked for $6 and $8 I got two bags.
I have taken out the patterns that I want. If anyone would like any of the following from the list, leave a comment and I will mail them to you.

Lynn's Prints--The Bluebird Quilt
Heritage Stitchcraft-- Flower Panels (geraniums)
Sew To Be Seem Designs-- Silent Thoughts
Bask Designs-- August Ribbons
Thistle Threads-- Dutch Sampler Triolgy
Homespun Samplar--Dear Daughter
Marie Suarez--Friends

First come, first serve. If no one wants them they will probably be tossed in the Goodwill Donation rubbermaid.


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