Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Big Clean Up

The day after the big snow, Dan the Man came to town to clear some parking lots for his boss and then spent several hours clearing some driveways. Nothing makes people like you more than when you show up and clean their driveways. One of the neighbors is about my mom's age and lives alone, so he added her to the list of clean up. I spent some time both days chauffeuring my mom here and there on errands. Nothing spells emergency like my mom not having her powerball ticket! I think she also needed some cigarettes, but just would not admit that to me. We ended up with three days out of school. We are supposed to get more snow next week, but every television station and the computer all say something different. Who knows what will happen next?

I spent a lrage portion of time stitching, and the picture above is my progress. Jonathon and I also spent some time cleaning up here and there around the house.

Have a great week, and enjoy the super bowl!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I like winter and I like snow but I'm not ready for more. The county didn't get around to grading our road until Friday. By then, my husband and another guy had cleared a bunch of it to the side of the road. Our closest neighbor greatly appreciated my husband for clearing the entry to his drive.

stitchin schoolmarm said...

I know Dan was a popular man around the neighborhood on Wednesday!

Mary said...

Wow, you got a lot of snow also! Aren't you ready for spring already? I think I am. We had a total of about 17.5 inches last week and more coming tomorrow night-they say 6-10 inches. We have been in since last Monday, but will be venturing out today to get milk (if the stores have any!) to get ready for this round.

You have gotten so much done on your Memorial Sampler! Looks great!

stitchin schoolmarm said...

I am like OK Granny, I like winter and I love snow, but enough is enough!
Bring on the spring!

Brigitte said...

I hope this is all the snow you are getting this winter. I could use someone like Dan to clear our driveway during the winters, because shoveling the snow away usually takes more than an hour every morning. Sigh.
Great project you are stitching.