Sunday, January 30, 2011

Winter Storm Watch

...aka SNOW DAY WATCH, yep, we are supposed to be getting some nasty weather. But, you know I am not holding my breath because the weathermen in these here parts do not really seem to be accurate. The above pic was what it took to get a snow day week before last, granted it wasn't much, but there was a layer of ice under that snow, which made driving treacherous. Of course, I got up at 5:30 that morning, so I could leave early if the roads were dicey. I turned on the television and saw I was out, but not Jonathon. Well, in a matter of minutes phones started ringing right and left. Both of our districts use school reach automated calls. I forgot that since Dan and I aren't ever home during the day I listed our house phone and cell phones. For about an hour between my district and Jonathon's district all I got done was answer the phone.

The picture below is of the progress I have made on my latest stitching project. It is going along quite smoothly, I do need to order some more thread. The pattern was very good about listing how many skeins you needed of each color, but I didn't take into consideration that I was doing my sampler on a larger count.

Anyway, I am loving the way this is turning out. It is really pretty.

The school I work in is currently undergoing major renovations, while we are having school in the building. It has been an adventure to say the very least, noisy, dusty, fire drills that last an hour, people moving to different classrooms. Last week renovations were completed on the third floor of the building. I got my new permanent classroom. It is big and roomy, more outlets than I could possibly need,
storage space. In the past week, we moved every office, but the nurses, and one complete grade level, and approximately half of two other grade levels. Two complete grade levels moved their lockers--approximately 200 tweens at a time. Long story short--We survived, it went quite smoothly. I am now on the third floor of the building. Let me tell you nothing lets you know that you are hopelessly out of shape like going up three flights of stairs a couple of times a day.

Hope you all have a warm, cozy, week with lots of stitching to keep your fingers busy!

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