Saturday, January 15, 2011

Framing Sale!!!!

.... The week after Christmas Hobby Lobby of course had a framing sale and I took advantage of it. I was sick that week with a sinus infection, but I wasn't so sick I couldn't take advantage of the sale.

Everyone is back to school and back to work. Jonathon and I have MLK day off and I am so happy! It seems as if we can't catch a snowstorm or any type of winter weather to get a snow day, so I guess we have to be happy with what we are actually given.

We had a little scare here the 23rd of December. Dan lost his job. We knew this was coming eventually, but two days before Christmas was not quite when we wanted it to happen. Long story short the road construction hasn't won a bid on a new job for the last nine months and the job here is just about wrapped up. being low man on the totem pole, well... He does now have another job working for a local farmer that his family has known for years. He is really happy to be back in the agricultural community. Me, not so much. This time there won't be the debt and what not on our shoulders, he will be farming without the risks, but... it means long hours during the spring, summer, and fall when Jonathon and I are free. It means never being able to make plans unless it rains etc. I guess in the end all that matters is he is happy and has a job.

I have been stitching the Memorial Sampler from Midsummer Night Designs. I have a sort of a problem with this though. There is a rather long rectangular area where you put "Beloved ....." Well, I intend to put "Beloved father of Tammy," but that is going to leave a lot of blank space. I had a baby brother, who was stillborn, so here is my question would it be appropriate to put Beloved father of Tammy and John Patrick--or just deal with the blank space in another way?

Have a wonderful week, and if like me you get Monday off, I hope your extra day is great!

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Oklahoma Granny said...

As always, your handwork is beautiful and the frames are perfect for your pieces. So glad your husband found a job quickly.