Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Finish of 2010

This is my last finish of the year 2010 for me. I just finished it an hour or so ago. Once I finally sat down to stitching again I already had this kitted up, so Pumpkins For Sale by LHN is what I decided to stitch!

I have been sick this vacation with a sinus infection, and finally got some meds yesterday. Mostly this last week I have been just lying around the house. I am feeling so much better! Today when I woke up I needed to make a Wal-Mart run to get some snacks for Jonathon's sleepover tonight, when I came home he and I went downstairs to conquer the basement mess. The living room area needed to be cleaned up and the storage room weeded out. It did not take long when we where working together, but while we were cleaning out I found a rubbermaid full of craft stuff and this was what I found...

I had forgot all about doing these! I guess I will need to find some way to get all of these finished.

Speaking of finishing projects Hobby Lobby had a framing sale this week, so I drug myself down there Wednesday to take three projects to have framed. Then I promptly came home and made a doctor's appointment.

All in all I have the Christmas stuff 99% stowed away, a clean storage room, a clean living room in the basement, so I am pretty happy with my vacation. We still have the dreaded toy room and Jonathon's bedroom to go through, but that is for another day. I have a lot of things to drop off at the shed. A church near our home has a little shed that is unlocked and people can drop off clothes and other things there, they go through them and use them as they see fit.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year. We will celebrating at home as Jonathon is having three friends over to spend the night!

Monday, December 27, 2010


This is a photo of the church that we attend. The parish always does a wonderful job of decorating for holidays such as Christmas and Easter. Every year we have a Christmas Eve Mass as we share a priest with the neighboring town. We always have a wonderful Mass with beautiful music. For a small parish we have some wonderfully talented musicians.

Here is the boy and his little dachshund, Murphy. Murphy got quite an assortment of doggy toys for Christmas. She was truly excited by all of them and was just like a kid when opening her presents, in true childlike fashion she liked the bows, paper, and boxes best of all.

The man of the house got an emergency weather radio. This is what you get someone when you can not think of another thing to get them. At first he didn't know what it was, which surprised me. When he found out he loved it! We have been listening to weather reports non stop. It really does not take too much to keep this guy happy!

Well, Christmas has come and gone for another year. We still have the decorations up and all, this year for Christmas I got some new Vera Bradley things in Very Berry Paisley. On the day after Thanksgiving my mom got me some things from the Vera Bradley store in Grapevine, Texas. She included the free tote she got in my box, and lo and behold my cousin Kathy sent me a cosmetic bag in the same pattern! I also got a sore throat, earache, fever, etc. I have spent most of today laying on the couch with my blanket. I finally came to the conclusion I wouldn't feel any worse up doing some things here and there than I do lying around.

I am going to spend the next day or so cleaning out drawers and other places in our house. I will either make a large deposit at our local thrift shop or drop it all off at Goodwill when I go to Hobby Lobby later this week. We just have so much stuff clothes wise. You don't make that much having a rummage sale, so I figure if you just give them away at least someone is getting some good out of them. I can always find someone to take Jonathon's hand-me-downs off my hands. We are also going to clean out some toys from the toy room and find a good home for them. I am sure that there are some daycare or pre schools that could use them. I probably should have done that before Christmas, but every time I open that door and look in I end just closing it and walking away.

Have a wonderful week.

Friday, December 24, 2010

From My House To Yours

May your Christmas be merry and blessed, full of family, food, laughter and love. May your new year be prosperous and fulfilling, and most of all, my your hands stitch many beautiful treasures that will fill your hours with pleasure!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I Am...

as you can see one of the world's messiest cooks. This is just the beginning of marathon cinnamon roll making yesterday. I started at 11 in the morning and got done about 5. I still have cookies to bake for school on Wednesday, as the student council needs about 800 cookies for that day, and we have a luncheon on Tuesday that I need to cook something for. Then I have to make a treat for whichever class has the highest percentage of students with their AR goal. Last weekend I made five cream cheese filled pumpkin rolls, not one of them came out of the pan in one piece! In fact, the one we ended up eating I had to put together like a jigsaw puzzle! I am tired of cooking! So tonight is sandwiches and chips!

We are skipping the church's covered dish dinner tonight. We had breakfast at church this morning. I really just want to sit and do nothing. Last night the three of us all went to basement and watched Christmas With The Kranks, I finally bought the DVD this year. I love that movie! I couldn't believe in all the times I have watched it on TV that Dan said he had never seen it. I just love the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis chases that canned ham across the parking lot and it gets ran over by a semi! I know it will probably never be considered a cinematic classic, but I think it does prove a point that we get so wrapped up in the idea of what Christmas is about, instead of just enjoying the season.

Wednesday Christmas break starts, so if you are looking for me on Thursday I will be on the end of the couch with an icy diet coke, stitching and watching my soaps. My Christmas is never complete unless I am there when the Horton's put their ornaments on the tree. I know silly, huh? When I was a little kid my grandma babysat us and she watched that soap, so the Horton's and I have had Christmas for about 40+ years!

Have a super week! See you soon!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Applesauce Cake In a Jar

Yes, ladies and gentlemen the Stitchin Schoolmarm does bake from time to time. This little project makes wonderful Christmas gifts and gives your home a nice spicy smell of Christmas while baking. I am trying to channel my inner pioneer woman and show you some baking pics, however, in my efforts to just get this project done I did not take pictures of the entire procedure, but perhaps the recipe below will help explain.

Here is my oh-so-serious model holding up the final product!

See how easily it slides out of the jar!

Slicing for eating! The best part!

I got this from a friend, who got her copy from a friend. You will need wide mouth canning jars with rings and flats as you will seal the bread in the jar as if you were canning.

2/3 cup shortening (I use butter flavor Crisco)
2 2/3 cups of sugar
4 eggs
2 cups of applesauce (I don't think it matters if you use sweetened or unsweetened)
3 1/8 cups all-purpose flour
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. baking powder
1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. ground cloves
2/3 cups of water
2 tsp soda
2/3 cups nuts (optional)
8- 1-pint wide mouth canning jars

Cream shortening with sugar. Beat in eggs, applesauce and water. Sift dry ingredients together. Blend in dry ingredients into the applesauce mixture. Pour into well- greased jars, filling 1/2 go 2/3 full. Bake at 325 degrees for 45 minutes. Remove 1 jar at a time, wipe seal edge clean, and put on dry canning lid and ring. If the cake has risen higher than the jar slice off the top of the cake and seal. Screw the ring on tightly. Sit upside down to cool. Put a little fabric cap and ribbon on the top and give as a tasty Christmas gift.

I have found that if you butter the jar instead of using Pam it makes the cake look a little prettier. I usually melt the butter and then coat the inside of the jar with a silicone pastry brush. Also the fatter and squattier(if that is a word) wide mouth canning jars work better in the oven, and are easier to balance on your oven racks. You shouldn't try to bake this on a baking sheet as it doesn't turn out as well as the baking sheet interferes with the heat distribution. Caution husbands and children not to run and make heavy footsteps in the area of the oven. Shut the oven door gently and try to avoid the temptation to keep opening the oven door to check until they are almost done. It could potentially spell disaster, trust me on that one.

Next up for baking this holiday season is Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls and red velvet cake, along with cream cheese filled pumpkin rolls!
Have a wonderful week.