Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Stocking Finished

Finally a another stitching project finished. I have one of the two Shepherd's Bush stockings I need to make finished. I will post a picture of it later this week. I have ironed it once, but since I don't use a hoop or q-snaps when I stitch it is pretty wrinkled.

Today we are off to our second soccer game of the weekend. Jonathon is playing with two teams this fall. Sadly, I have turned into one of those mothers I swore to never be--running from game to game, town to town. Fortunately we only have to travel two times, so it should not be too bad. The rest of the games are here in town. I guess that if this is what he wants to do, we will do it until he doesn't want to do it. It is better than sitting in front of the television playing x-box all weekend. But I sure am going to miss my Sunday afternoon football games and naps

School is in full swing for both of us now and Dan is still working road construction. I have a really good bunch of kids so far this year, hopefully that is still my opinion in May. Not starting until September feels kind of funny.

Jonathon is doing well in sixth grade, although, I have to say that I am less than impressed with the teachers this year. It seems that of the six three are very unorganized. Several parents have looked at the grades online to find their kids have a failing grade only to contact the teachers and look through the papers that have been handed back to find the paper graded a week or so ago, and the teacher just didn't record it. So right now we have a rubbermaid in the kitchen where all graded and returned papers go. I really think that if you can't keep track any better than that you should keep a hard copy grade book and put them on the computer from that. I have seen an improvement in this, however, because I think several parents have been e-mailing and complaining.

Fall is certainly in the air and feels so good! It is very nice and cool outside and I have to say I am looking forward to sitting out this afternoon at the game. Last weekend the sun was bright and the temps high and we played two games. Needless to say Dan and I came home looking like a couple of lobsters. He didn't wear a hat and the poor guy's bald spot was burned to a crisp!

Fall weather has me ready to start some vegetable beef soup and chili in the crock pots for a quick evening meal during the week. Last night we had chicken and noodles with mashed potatoes and bread fresh from the oven. Jonathon's friend is spending the weekend and Jonathon asked why I only cook awesome food when he is here. Here I thought I was a pretty awesome cook all the time, but I guess I am not!

Hope you all have a happy Monday and a great week.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to the Grind

So here we are in Stitchin Schoolmarm land with no stitching pics to show. I have been stitching, just don't have any proof of it to show you. We are both back to school and work right now. Jonathon is holding his own in sixth grade, while he is still at the elementary school for sixth grade it has been sort of a cultural shock. Gone are the teachers who mommy you along and you meet the teachers who expect you to be responsible and take care of stuff on your own. We have had a few bumps along the way here and there, but for the most part he does okay.

I seem to have some really nice kids this year. I suppose I too will have some bumps along the way, but seriously I am quite impressed with my students so far. This year brings some interesting changes for me though, I found out today that I will be team teaching with one of our special ed teachers the first hour of the day. I am sure this will have some growing pains along the way, but probably some learning opportunities. You can generally learn some tricks by watching another teacher here and there. The only downside of this is that with paras in the room, and attendant care workers there will four adults to 15 kids. I am not sure how that will all pan out in the long run.

The picture above although a bit dark is of Jonathon, his buddy Eric and former NFL Viking Cris Carter. To tell you the truth I was way more excited about Jonathon getting a chance to have his pic taken with Mr. Carter than he was, but what can I say I love football. Anyway, he has been in our fine little town the last two weekends to watch his son play for the local community college team. The son originally played for Ohio State as a freshman, but due to grades and rumor has it off the field problems he landed here. Anyway, you know me and my propensity for ...ummm I guess lack of a better term to hunt people down, it took me all four quarters to find him. He was very polite when asked for a picture with the kids. Thank goodness for I phones.

Until next time, have a wonderful week.