Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Finish of 2010

This is my last finish of the year 2010 for me. I just finished it an hour or so ago. Once I finally sat down to stitching again I already had this kitted up, so Pumpkins For Sale by LHN is what I decided to stitch!

I have been sick this vacation with a sinus infection, and finally got some meds yesterday. Mostly this last week I have been just lying around the house. I am feeling so much better! Today when I woke up I needed to make a Wal-Mart run to get some snacks for Jonathon's sleepover tonight, when I came home he and I went downstairs to conquer the basement mess. The living room area needed to be cleaned up and the storage room weeded out. It did not take long when we where working together, but while we were cleaning out I found a rubbermaid full of craft stuff and this was what I found...

I had forgot all about doing these! I guess I will need to find some way to get all of these finished.

Speaking of finishing projects Hobby Lobby had a framing sale this week, so I drug myself down there Wednesday to take three projects to have framed. Then I promptly came home and made a doctor's appointment.

All in all I have the Christmas stuff 99% stowed away, a clean storage room, a clean living room in the basement, so I am pretty happy with my vacation. We still have the dreaded toy room and Jonathon's bedroom to go through, but that is for another day. I have a lot of things to drop off at the shed. A church near our home has a little shed that is unlocked and people can drop off clothes and other things there, they go through them and use them as they see fit.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year. We will celebrating at home as Jonathon is having three friends over to spend the night!


Mary said...

Tammy, congrats on the last finish of the year! Love the pumpkins.

How wonderful to find all the forgotten stitched pieces!

Hope you soon feel better.
Happy New Year and Happy Stitching!

Brigitte said...

That's a wonderful finish to end the year with. Congratulations!
Are you sure that there isn't another box with finished stitching? Lol, just kidding. The pieces you found are so so beautiful. Looking forward to seeing how your will be finishing them.
I hope you have completely recovered from your sinus infection. Isn't it always like that that we teachers get the nasty things during vacation time?
I'm wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!