Friday, November 12, 2010

Evan's (Charles') Stocking

So here it is--Evan's stocking. Yes, I have finally managed to finish a stitching project. It took a while as life seems to always throw a twist or turn into my plans along the way. Last week was our final city rec soccer game. We won first place in our division and were undefeated.

I have a crocheting project to finish and then a scrapbook. After that it will be back to stitching, I already have a project to start and I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get it started.

Today has been terrible weather wise. It had literally poured all day long. I had a workshop out of town I was attending, and the weather added about an hour's driving time. It is still raining and a cold front is supposed to move in later tonight. While I am all for cooler weather, I didn't really like driving in the rain today. At times I could hardly see where I was going, and even though I had on my car lights as it was fairly dark out for the middle of day, the lights only served to help other drivers see me on the road.

I am off to go and work on my crocheting project, my goal is to get this one finished by the end of the weekend.


Just Charming said...

That is a wonderful stocking, Tammy. Thank you! Evan and Aiden are both so lucky to have stockings made with so much love. It is truly an amazing gift and one we will cherish always.

stitchin schoolmarm said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, Kathy. I love cross-stitching and I love giving it to others and finding the the perfect patterns for the projects. I thought the soldier would be a good way for your little one to remember his grandfather's service to our country.