Saturday, July 10, 2010

Liberty Lane

Here is my latest cross-stitch finish. Liberty Lane by Country Cottage Needleworks. Sorry for the blurry photo, but at 1:30 am I guess perfection is hard to achieve. If you ever look at the pattern you will notice that I didn't do all the decorative stitching at the bottom by the words, because after a late night of stitching I noticed that my words were way off. There was no way I was going to rip them out, so I thought it would look best with just the words there.

The next photos are of Jonathon shooting some fireworks off in our front yard. I often wonder what sort of memories he will grow up with of the holidays. When I was growing we always had big family Christmases and 4th's, with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. It just seems that no one wants to do those sort of things any longer. Begin an only child his memories are going to be of very small holiday celebrations.

He may have nightmares of this 4th, however. First of all it rained, so when the rains stopped we managed to get the night works shot. We had very few and frankly, Jonathon had shot off so many little fireworks in the days before he had really lost interest. He is really very safe with the fireworks and calm about doing them and for that I am thankful. Needless to say not everyone is... I just don't think it is safe to let a five year old run around with a punk and allowing them to shoot off mortars without adult supervision. Let me also say I don't think adult supervision could be classified as sitting in the driveway watching this happen. That really sums up our evening of the 4th. No, I am not just a cranky, pre-menopausal, grouch, I just want everyone to have the same ten fingers, toes, etc. that they started the holiday evening with. Okay, there you have my rant. I don't think said parents read my blog and if they do that is fine with me because if they didn't get the message on the 4th then reading it here probably won't strike a chord either.

So here we are enjoying dinner on the 4th before the big shooting of the fireworks began. We had red velvet cupcakes, pulled pork sandwiches, fried potatoes, and jalapeno poppers. As you can see my husband is quite a healthy eater.

Tomorrow Jonathon and I are going to lunch with two of my students from last year. Jonathon is very excited to meet these students. They are from Iraq and two very nice young boys. Jonathon has heard many stories about them, and one time last year they wrote his name in Arabic and included a Muslim prayer written in Arabic and sent it to him. We are picking them up for lunch and some catching up.

We should finish our last ballgame Monday night. We had three make-up games due to rain. At first we, meaning hopeful parents, thought they wouldn't have to make them because they like the season to end before All-Stars start. But we are making them up. One mother said it was because in this age group they give out trophies for first, second, and third places. I was looking at the schedule and it looks pretty even to me, maybe there will three first place teams.


Oklahoma Granny said...

I know what you mean about small celebrations. We always had big ones when I was growing up but families have spread out since then. And families are much smaller than when I was growing up. I knew almost all my cousins. My own kids know some of their cousins but not all. And the ones they know - none of them, including my own kids, seem to want to know their cousins very well. I guess they're all busy with their own lives. Seems very sad to me though.

Your 4th of July supper looks super yummy. There's nothing I like better than a good pulled pork sandwich topped with creamy coleslaw. YUM!

Vonna said...

First I have to say: Pulled Pork YUM_O!!!!

Now I have to say...your Liberty Lane is GORGEOUS!!!