Friday, June 18, 2010

Brave Hearts Finished

I finished this piece two days ago. It is Brave Hearts by LHN. I have currently started America by LHN. I guess this post demonstrates the dangers of stitching blogs-- you see, therefore, you think you must stitch. I am trying my hardest this summer to stitch up some of the things I have bought and my WIP's. I have decided with the exception of thread I am buying anymore stitchy supplies until I have stitched those I bought this past year.

We had a double header Wednesday night. We won 1 and lost the other. Jonathon did really well, he did manage to get on base a couple of times. The neighbor kid aka Batman was also playing t-ball at the next game over, so between games mom and I went down and watched him bat. Of course when we got there he was busy in the dugout filling his ball glove with water. I asked what he was doing and he said--"Filling this up with water."

The weather here has been very hot and humid, so that is giving me lots of time to sit and stitch. Of course if you could see my house right now, well, it looks like I have been spending a lot of time sitting and stitching.

Murphy got her stitches out this morning at the vet's and she weighs a whooping 10 pounds. I had to laugh my cousin's daughter had a baby this morning and Murphy only outweighs the baby by 1 pound 2 ounces.

Here's to everyone having a safe and wonderful Father's Day weekend.

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