Saturday, June 26, 2010


Here is my second finish of the summer. It is titled "America" by LHN. I am not sure what I will start next, Lord knows I have several choices what with all the stash I have bought in the last eighteen months.

Summer is slowly winding it's way through June for us. Our next big event is the annual July 1 shoot 'em up with our friend Christopher. July 1 is the day that they start selling fireworks in our fair city. Every year on July 1, (after Jonathon's dentist appt.) I take Christopher and him to the fireworks stand. They come home and spend hours in the front yard shooting "stuff". The other night at the ballgame Christopher's mom said he had already told her that on July 1 he was coming to our house.

I have tried through the years to make my house a fun place, full of snacks for kids to hang out. It was all part of my master plan for the teenage years, which are quickly approaching. If our house becomes the hangout, then I won't be wondering where my kid is, and hopefully I will know what he is doing. Dan and I really enjoy Jonathon's friends and having them around the house.

We have two double headers this week then our baseball season will be finished. I am ready, although I must say our evenings at the ballpark are quite enjoyable for us as a family. I only wish the bleachers weren't so hard! And I am one of the lucky ones with a lot of padding.

Here's to a great weekend for everyone. Try to stay cool.

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Oklahoma Granny said...

Just dropped by to thank you for your visit to my blog. I'm so happy you came. Please come again anytime.

Your stitching is just beautiful!

I read that you're from SE Kansas. We live in NE Oklahoma, about 6 miles or so from the KS line so it's almost like we're neighbors.

You have the right idea in making it a goal for your home to be one where kids will want to come and hang out.

I hope you had a spectacular 4th of July!