Friday, January 29, 2010

Old Pieces, Newly Framed

First off, here we are working on that New Year's resolution to help others packing bags of supplies to be donated and sent to Haiti. Jonathon did these at home and I took them to work, my homeroom turned in about 30 bags total.

Here we have the Shepherd's Bush Nativity that I stitched years ago and just recently had framed. Next Christmas this will make its big debut. I wish you could see the frame better, it looks really nice. The frame has some gold around the inside edges, which is why I didn't have this piece matted.

This is also a Shepherd's Bush piece, but of course I don't have a clue what the name of it is. This piece has character! LOL If you look at the upper left corner you will see the colors have bled somewhat. This pattern called for overdyed thread, which was just becoming the rage back in those days (for me anyway). Long story short--three year olds holding a chicken leg near cross-stitch done in overdyed threads isn't a really good idea. Now granted the small greasy smudge his little finger left probably would not have even shown, but this hysterical mom ran to faucet to clean if off. I knew the thread wasn't colorfast, but for some reason I thought I could wash that small spot and not get the rest of it wet. Live and learn--to keep your cross-stitch put away when you aren't stitching.

Have a great week!


Brigitte said...

Both SBs look great. I haven't seen the one without name before, it's sso beautiful. I wouldn't mind that little bit of bleeding. Makes the piece very special because of the memory that comes to your mind whenever you look at it.

Deirdre said...

WoW! Those are aswesome projects. I have never seen either one of those patterns before. You did a great job!

Vonna said...

BOTH are gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous :) Love them!
And I think it is fabulous that you are sending help to Haiti. Wonderful!