Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hobby Lobby Stock Should Be Up....

as I picked these up yesterday and paid the bill. At least they are not as outrageous as the guy I used to take my stitching to for framing. He would not frame stuff unless you bought the frame from him, and it got pretty pricey sometimes. Actually the smaller piece cost more to frame than the LH piece because I had to have a cutom frame made for this. I usually get the ready made open back frames when they are 50%off there and that helps keep the cost down.

The newest news from our house is fifth grade band has started. Jonathon is playing a trumpet, I hope I survive the experience. He hasn't taken it to school yet as Tuesday is the official day for needing your instruments. They did, however, learn how to properly hold an instrument the other day. He has been tooting his horn ever since. When I came home from work on Thursday he blew in it to show me how well he could do it. Later I was downstairs reading stitching blogs, I had started laundry, and I heard this god awful sound. My first thought was "What is wrong with the washing machine?" Then I realized that it was my son, Louis Armstrong Jr.

Ofcourse Friday he had a friend over for the night. I got home from work and saw that his friend has brought his trumpet also. I must admit that getting a motel room crossed my mind, but they were so busy with their legos that they never had time to toot.

Now I am off to the couch to finish my stocking, and I am not kidding!

Have a super week!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did I Really Say I Was Ready to Go Back to Work?

Well, here is the progress I have made on the current stocking. Not a lot of progress, it should be finished. The second week of September is my deadline for this stocking and another one as I don't want to mail these. If I have them done I can send them with their rightful (sort of) owners when we have a family reunion.

I also bought four gallons of paint to redo the living room/dining room area and I haven't even cracked the lids on them. I guess Labor Day weekend I will be painting and football gaming as the high school and community college both play at home that weekend.

It just seems that life has become oh so hectic here lately. We had open house last night, which I guess is a necessary thing, but hardly anyone ever shows up! Plus, we have to stand in front of the parents for ten minutes and tell them about our class. That is sort of nerve wracking. Not that I have any problems babbling on and on...but in the middle of the last group (we have six) I had my own private little summer right there on the spot. My hair was getting wet in the back, my shirt was sticking to me! I drove home with the air on high the entire way.

We also have church bingo again this weekend. It is only a few hours of volunteering on Saturday night, but you also have to bring a crock pot of something and pies and cakes for the concession stand, so it really turns into an all evening Friday/all morning Saturday thing. The car has to be taken to Joplin for the first oil change. Jonathon has soccer practice Friday night and then again Saturday morning. My house is filthy, in case your wondering. I know I said I was ready to get back into a routine, but I wondering--is it too late to change my mind???

BTW I do have some wonderful kiddos this year, they make my day!

Have a great week!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The First Day of the 20th Year

I can't hardly believe that one! That is how many years I have been teaching school. I have 68 little wonders, although they aren't that little. Today was one of the calmest first days I can remember at the middle school. As much as I was ready to go back to school and get some sort of routine started I really dread the whole rat race of things starting again. You know school, meetings, soccer practice, homework. There really isn't enough time in the day. It isn't as if we over schedule because the only activity Jonathon does during the fall is soccer.

I have been busy getting last minute things done to start the school year. I have every one's doctor appointments caught up and finished. I have been stitching on a stocking and should have a pic of my progress soon. Right now I am ripping out some of what I did last night. Usually I would say one stitch off doesn't really matter, but since this is in the row directly below where the name will be I decided that I should probably get it right.

Jonathon has meet the teacher Wednesday night and he starts school on Thursday. He had his annual back to school sleepover on Friday night. Not a peep of sleep was had until about 6:30 am Saturday, however, when I got up and saw all the snacks they had eaten in the course of the night a big sugar crash was bound to happen. Once one went to sleep they all seemed to drop off pretty fast.

Have a great week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Looking for Pioneer Woman

Last year my friend Sara was telling me about this blog that she read on a regular basis called Pioneer Woman. I went there one evening and was hooked. I would love to provide the link, but you all know that I am technically challenged and I don't know how to do that. Anyway, back to the story, reading PW's blog became a daily event. I think sometimes I know more about her four punks, her brother Mike, Pesky Tim, beautiful Missy, and Cowboy Josh then some people I spend every day with. Anywhose.... she had posted about them participating in ranch rodeos. Well, she doesn't really live that far from me, probably about 100 miles give or take, but in our fair city this is fair and rodeo week. This week one of the featured attractions was a ranch rodeo. I called the fair board office and asked if a ranch of her name was listed among the participants. There was one, even though the first name was wrong Sara and I decided it must be a typo. That is when we lost common sense and went on a hunt for PW at the arena.

Sara was in her pajamas, cooking pork chops, mashed potatoes, and doing laundry. I was frying some potatoes and chicken legs. My mom finished watching my dinner. I put on some decent looking clothes, Sara turned off the pork chops and mashed potatoes. We headed off to the arena cameras in tow to find her. Well, we got there and it was hot, major hot. It turned out it wasn't her ranch, but a family member's ranch. This is according to my former fifth grader Wendy's dad. I interrogated him like a NY detective (a skill every middle school teacher possesses) to find out which family member's ranch was participating.

At this point in time, we decide that it hotter than hot and we are going home. I am sweating in places that I don't normally sweat in. We get to the car and I can't find my car keys. I am thinking that Dan is going to kill me if he has to drive out there and bring me keys. I had heard them say they had lost car keys turned in and luckily they were mine.

I wouldn't want all of you to think I go off hunting people down on a regular basis, but she is pretty awesome and I really wanted to see her and say, "I love your blog! My family love your cinnamon rolls, and jalapenos filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and thrown on the grill." Seriously, the only other time I did something like this was in high school. I was in Wichita, Kansas at the Pizza Hut next to the Hilton Hotel, at CYO convention when a girl came in a said Billy Joel kissed her cheek and he is standing in front of the hotel. My friend Cindy and I jumped up (me in my brand new clogs that I had just bought at the mall), and took off running. I chased him across the parking lot through the hotel lobby and out the back door to get his autograph. Really I promise that 99% of the time I am a normal sane human who loves to spend her days stitching .

Have a great week.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

LHN Heart of America

This is my latest stitching finish. It is the LHN Heart of America. I had to change the colors on the words for this project because my linen was not dark enough to contrast with the white thread the pattern used. At first I tried to the use the blue found in the flag, I told myself when I started in that color no matter what it looked like I wasn't going to rip it out. But after getting a few letters of the word "freedom" done I could tell it was going to look awful, so I did rip it and decided to use the gold. The gold wasn't near as bold and garish looking and I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out.

Today is our twentieth wedding anniversary, and it has been a busy day. Jonathon and I had to get up at 5 am to get my mom to the eye doctor. It wasn't too bad as we were back home by 10. Then I totally forgot that today was one of the enrollment days for school, so I ran up and got him enrolled in fifth grade. Tonight we are going out to eat at a local steakhouse. Not that going out to eat is that big of a deal as we do it all the time, but for some reason that is what we always do to celebrate. Then tomorrow it is up and at it to take my mom back for her follow up appointment. I might stop at Hobby Lobby and see about getting Heart of America framed and the Stars and Stripes Forever that I did earlier in the year. Then I absolutely have to get to my school and get some work done in my classroom. I can't believe that I have not been there yet this summer. I guess I will plan on that for tomorrow afternoon. Friday I have to take the car to Joplin in the afternoon and that night we are babysitting the neighbor kid so his parents can go to a concert. Monday Jonathon has an appointment to get his immunizations updated, so time is running out. I like to go into my first three days of meetings and whatnot with all of my stuff already done, then I am not stressed out about everything that is not done.

Okay, I will stop there as I feel like a babbling idiot, and the more I think about everything going on in the next week the more frantic I feel!

Have a good week.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keep Quiet or Not??

This is an opinion poll. Say you find out something that could be dangerous for someone else's child--teenager. Do you tell or not? Would you want someone to tell you?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


That sort of describes my mood here today. I have almost finished the Heart of America cross-stitch project. But mostly we haven't been doing a lot. I mean when the biggest thing you have to look forward to is Jon & Kate Plus Eight returning to the airwaves, well,it shows just how pitiful your life has become.

Last Friday Jonathon and I headed out for a day of shopping and got some wall decorations for the kitchen. While I liked everything we got, it was 50% off, I don't know... somehow when I walk in the kitchen the wall decor looks LARGE! I need to get paint and start painting the living room, but just haven't had to gumption to get started there. To top things off the service engine soon light is on in the new car. I suppose there is a trip to Joplin in my near future, like tomorrow, and two trips to Bartlesville this week with my mom.

Jonathon is having yet another sleepover. His bestest friend is off with his family for a week, and Jonathon doesn't quite know what to do with himself. He wanted to have a friend over, but just didn't know what to do. I had to remind him that he has more than one friend.

We are also in the process of planning a back to school sleepover. He has three friends down to invite. I plan on having it on the same weekend that we work bingo at the church, this way I will get everything over with at one time. Then hopefully we will be at the point of getting back into a routine of some sorts.

I will probably have pictures up soon of my completed Heart of America.

Have a good week.