Thursday, May 28, 2009

Official Beginning...

Summer vacation has offically begun at our household. I picked Jonathon and a buddy from school at noon yesterday and took them to Pizza Hut to dine and then they came home for an afternoon of fun. At 6:00 they met again at the ballpark to face each other in a ballgame. Jonathon's team won, but his friend did a spectacular job for his team pitching and hitting a home run. Today said homerun hitting buddy is having a pool party for his birthday, and we still have to get his present ready.

I am trying to pick up and clean up here and there, as the computer guy is supposed to come and fix our computer. I hope it is a quick fix, I don't know if I can exist without it. I guess if it isn't a quick fix I will have to resort to watching reruns of Real Housewives, The Deadliest Catch and so on.

I have also came to the conclusion that I need to go to the eye doctor. I keep putting it off, but I started a new stitching project the other day on 32 count stitching over two threads and I really am having trouble seeing to do this. I even broke down and put on Dan's magnifying glasses he bought at Wal-Mart for a second to see if they helped. They did and I must say for not being able to see my stitching looked very good when magnified.

Anyway I am off here to unload the dishwasher and fold clothes. I am already tired of washing the ball uniform. We had our first official game last night, but we had four scrimmages in ten days prior to that. Our coach is an excellent coach, in fact that is what he does for a living, and makes sure the boys are prepared when they go out to play for real...but that means I have washed the aforementioned uniform about five times now because we have needed it every day or every other day. I am not that organized and have actually thought of going out to buy a second pair of pants, but keep telling myself that would be a waster because next year he will need black or white pants, since we never need the same color two years in a row.

Have a wonderful Thursday.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Afghan

Here she is the second afghan finish.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Another Long Weekend

Today still seems like Sunday in my mind. It rained at little bit here today and hopefully it won't rain much more and Dan will be able to work tomorrow. We did get some things accomplished this weekend. We got the new door on the back, the yard mowed and some housecleaning accomplished. Although whatever gets done in that department is never enough, I can always think of fifty more things that need to be done. I also got my flower planting done for this year. I also finished the second baby afghan, and I might put a picture of it up tomorrow.

Dan and Mark, the neighbor, took the boys to the movies this afternoon to see Night At The Museum. I took a very long nap and now I will probably be up all night, just like last night. Everyone seemed to enjoy the movie. Tanner next door is only 4 and sometimes Jonathon and his buddies have to be reminded that one time they were four and the older boys took time to play with them.

Tanner came to the door on Saturday morning to announce that he had graduated preschool and now he was a big kid. Next year he would be going to Jonny's school and he would be in kindergarten with the rest of the big kids.

Tonight we watched the first episode of the new season of Jon and Kate Plus 8. We have watched the show sporadically from time to time in the past, it hasn't always been one of my favorites, but after watching it I felt really bad for them. You just can't help but think the writing is on the wall for them as a couple, and then wonder did the television cause this or was it bound to happen? I can't imagine what it would be like to be the single parent of 8 kids and 6 of them being five years old! Yikes, of course some days I can't imagine being the parent of one kid. I guess it is true God only gives you what you can handle, and he obviously saw that I can only handle double digit children from 8-3 everyday.

Tomorrow I vow to get back to my stitching, the crocheting is starting to get old. I have several stitching goals in mind for the summer. One is to finish the stockings, and the two WIP's, but I am thinking about starting a new project just to get me back in the groove of stitching.

Have a great week.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


For those who gave their life and those risking their lives to protect our freedom and liberties we thank you and salute you!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Whew! Today was the last day for kids and boy was it a long day. I don't know why our school district always makes the last day a full one, because really who can sign yearbooks for seven hours. That is all we really did today. I took my crochet with me to work, we were watching the last half of the movie Mall Cop and you know it only humanly possible to watch that movie so many times in one day. The assistant principal, soon to be the principal, came in to give me a message and I was crocheting to beat the band. I told him I would have put it up if I had seen him coming. He laughed and told me if that was the case not to sit with my back to the door.

I am currently making a second baby afghan this time blue and white and this time it will look pretty much like the first, but I will post a picture anyway. I must get off and get Jonathon something to eat as we have a baseball scrimmage tonight, against the asst. principal's kid and his team. We need to start getting ready within the hour. This is our third scrimmage in seven days and the regular season hasn't even started yet!

Have a great Friday!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rain, and More Rain

Well, here is the picture of the baby afghan I finished for my niece. I have actually started another one, because to tell the truth I am just not in the mood to stitch. I am sure I will get back into it once the school year is over. But for now I am crocheting.

It rained on Saturday, and then again on Sunday. Yesterday was gorgeous, so gorgeous we went outside after lunch for a little bit of socializing with other classes and fresh air. Today it rained and rained and thundered with lightening. Of course the kids were absolutely bonkers the more it thundered and what not. Our scheduled baseball scrimmage is rained out, which is good because it is Real Housewives Night.

We are down to only 7 kid days and 1/2 of a workday. This year just seems to be never ending. I feel like I have so many things I need to be working on and finishing. Every year I do a scrapbook for Jonathon. I have one for every year. I still have to finish year 9, it is almost there. I am really seriously thinking about doing a digital scrapbook at Shutterfly. I just think it would be so much easier and faster for me to do, than all the cutting and what not. Then I start to feel guilty like I don't want to change things up. I don't know what I will do. I doubt in ten or fifteen years he will be all broken up if I went to computer generated scrapbooks instead of hand made.

The other exciting news I have is that Jonathon, Abby, my mother and I are all going to Chicago for three days this summer on a vacation. It has been about three years since we have gone anywhere on a summer vacation. Dan will be working and won't have any vacation time, so he is staying home. Not only that he absolutely knows he will hate Chicago (how I don't know). Anyway the trip is booked and reservations made. We are going in July. I got a 4GB card for my camera. I am going to sit down someday here soon and make out an intinerary of what we will do on each day. I know they will have fun while we sneak a little education in here and there.

Have a great week.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all of you moms out there in blogger land have the best of days. I think I got to start my celebration a day early--after soccer Jonathon went to the farm with Dan and I had the whole day to myself. I crocheted, watched reruns of the Real Housewives, the Duggars, and took a nap. Of course because of the nap I will probably not sleep all night and will ring in the actual Mother's Day at 12:01.

I will have a picture of the baby afghan I am making for my neice up tomorrow. I can crochet a little bit, and I made an afghan for her sister, so you have to do for one what you do for the other. I should finish this one tonight. After this I have mostly nephews and I don't imagine they will care when they have kids about what you give them. One of my summer goals is learning to crochet something besides a granny square.

Talk to you later,