Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Home Tour

Welcome to my home! I thought this would be a great time to show my Christmas decorations for the year 2009. Hopefully everyday for the next several days I will show you my different trees ranging from small to large. I put up six of them this year. First off this is my little Dallas Cowboy Christmas tree complete with Troy and Emmitt. Maybe this year when Tony Romo goes on sale for 75% off at the local Hallmark shop I will add him to next year's tree. But my heart will always belong to Troy. Before I bought one of those little trees that you stick in a pot I used my Troy Aikman jersey for a tree skirt.

This a picture of our Shepherd's Bush stockings that I made the year Jonathon was "in progress". I hang one up for my mom every year since she celebrates with us. As you can see they are not necessarily hung by the chimney, but by the built-in bookcase. I usually display all of the Christmas cards we receive on the blank spaces in the shelves. We have got a few so far, but hopefully by Christmas we will have several to put on display.

These are my stand up Santa's. I made these years ago before Jonathon, (isn't it odd when you have kids you start to divide your life into before and after?) each of these were made with different speciality threads. Some have wool, a suede like thread, alpaca wool, cashmere threads. People always see these and say "you should sell these!" I just have to laugh because they have no idea how much I have invested in these things. The one in the middle, with the little snowman beside him I like to affectionately call Charlie. Charlie was my mom's oldest brother. My dad died the week after I was engaged and Charlie walked me down the aisle four months later. He did a fine job as the night before he had on the job training with his own daughter. Charlie was killed when a transformer at work exploded and burned him badly. He lived 13 days and I spent many a late night that June stitching because I couldn't sleep. Several tears were shed while stitching this one. Every year when I pull this one out I send a little mental thought and hello to Charlie. As anyone who stitches knows it is great therapy for what ails you physically and spiritually.

See you tomorrow!

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Brigitte said...

Oh Tammy, I just love your Christmas decoration. Those stockings are wonderful to look at. And the little Santas underneath are a dream. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the touching story of your uncle Chatrlie.