Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday Home Tour IV

This is my last tree and picture, I promise. The tree in this picture has only red, gold, and ecru decorations on it. The gold decorations are another set from my mother. Now, at this point in time you must be thinking my mom buys a lot of Christmas decorations, and you are right. Last year she came to my house Thanksgiving weekend and I was sitting on the couch guzzling Diet Coke and sweating profusely, because my back was killing me and I needed a decorating breather. Afterall a fat girl can only run up and down the basement stairs so many times in one day carrying stuff before it becomes a medical emergency. She looks around and says "you know you could just put up one tree, you don't have to put them all over the house." Christmas Eve came and we are at her house opening gifts, I rarely get anything that I haven't gone with her to pick out, but there was one present that I had no idea what was in the box. I opened it up and it was a set of Christmas ornaments! Next year, I will probably put up another tree with Dan's growing set of K-state ornaments, guess who has been buying those?

On the stitching front I started a new SB's pattern to take a little break from the Lizzie Kate Abc's of Life. Ofcourse with all of these trees up my lamps are not in their usual position and I have trouble stitching in the bad lighting, but I am doing it anyway. Bad lighting is one thing to deal with, but having a dog that constantly thinks she has to sit on your lap is quite another, so needless to say I might have to move my base of operations from the corner of the couch to the kitchen table, or perhaps start up some covert stitching operations where the dog isn't for the foreseeable future.

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Vonna said...

I'm just getting in on these trees because I'm so behind on reading blogs....but if the others are anything like this one here :) You'll be hearing more from me!
I must say I had to laugh out loud about the "fat girl running up and down stairs" I'm with ya! :)