Friday, December 25, 2009

A Very Vera Christmas

It was the day before Christmas when all through the house you could hear the sleet hitting the windows and the north winds howling. Thank goodness there was no mouse (that I am aware of...) The stockings were hung on the shelves with care. I was getting ready for a much needed shower, so I could wash my hair. When what to my wondering eyes should appear a big white Fed Ex truck without any reindeer. The Fed Ex guy dashed to door with a big box that said "Handle With Care" shoved the package in the door and ran off like he had seen a bear. Okay enough of the trying to rhyme words...the jist of this here story is I had the most fabulous VERA Christmas. The box was from Hawaii, where later last night my uncle reported that they had turned on their air conditioner. Inside the box was a huge Vera Bradley tote that will look quite lovely on my arm when my cross -stitch and I go out and about! My cross-stitch and I are rarely separated. It also had a shirt for Jonathon. All I can say is this--Christina and Kathy I was totally blown away and love the bag. Really you shouldn't have!

Later we went to my mom's to open gifts and she got me a VERA purse and cosmetic bag, and then this morning at home Dan got me a VERA purse and some matching acessories! I am in hog heaven. I can't wait to carry them all and show them off!

So I am going to leave all of you to go upstairs and try out my new stitching lamp, that my husband also got me!

The photo below is of the scene outside my door. Yesterday we had high winds and sleet all day and snow throughout the night. If you didn't have anywhere to go it was the perfect Christmas Eve scene complete with one of my favorite Christmas movies "Christmas With the Kranks!"

Have a wonderful Christmas evening, I am off to stitch and watch "Home Alone" for the umpteenth time.

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Brigitte said...

You've received some great gifts. Enjoy all your bags and your new stitching lamp.