Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Our House To Yours--Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's wishing everyone a blessed Thanksgiving filled with food, family, and fun.

What am I thankful for...

1. My husband, who puts up with Jonathon and I and all of our crazy ideas!

2. My wonderful son,who's just an overall good kid that continues to amaze me and fill me with pride everyday.

3. For my mom, not only does she work tirelessly to help me everyday, she also tries to help others who need it.

4. For all my friends that surround me rather in person or cyberspace.

5. I am very thankful that in this economy my husband found a decent job.

6. My co-workers, who work everyday to try to and shape the lives of the budding young adults we work with. Some times we succeed and most of the time we don't, but we all keep trying every day.

7. For the opportunity afforded me this past September to see all of my dad's brothers and sisters. And the chance to get reacquainted with cousins I hadn't seen in years.

8. For my students at school, who are responsible for probably 80% of the stress in my everyday life, but they also enrich my life. They make me laugh, sometimes they make me sad and exasperated. Then there are the times they teach me something (usually not some thing I ever wanted to learn). But I love 'em.

9. I am especially thankful after everything that has happened to us in the last two years we have persevered as a family. My friend's husband (hi Paul) told me at last year's parish covered dish dinner--"This isn't the worst thing that can happen to you, you will get past it." He was right, we aren't quite there, but everything is getting smaller in the rear view mirror.

10. For technology- advancements in medical science that is helping my aunt and has given my SIL a chance to see her four year grow up. For this computer who lets me meet new people everyday on my blog and for helping to keep in touch with others. Without the Internet I probably wouldn't get quite the friendly wave from the UPS guy every time he sees me (that's not always a good thing), but I wouldn't have the opportunity to know some great people I do. It has also allowed me to get to know several of my family members I never see a little better.

Now it is your turn. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

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