Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Neverending

I guess that is how I would describe life right now. It seems that we just run from one thing to another and then another. It finally got to the point that I stayed home from the football game Saturday just so I could be home. That doesn't happen very often. One of my favorite things to do is watch football and jump and scream like crazy--I don't care if it is in my living room or at an actual game. At times this has become an embarassing habit or mine for my husband and son to endure, but they are eventually getting used to it. It tends to make my mother down right mad at times, though, especially when we are on the phone and I scream bloody murder over something that happened. Anyway I digress from the subject at hand. We have just been busy and I am tired of it.

Jonathon had two sleepovers this weekend on Friday and Saturday nights, he did have a good time, but last night he didn't make it past 8:15 before he was hitting the hay.

I started a new stitching project, I tried to find the official name of it on the Silver Needle website so I didn't have to run upstairs and look, but I didn't see it one the sight. It is a Lizzie Kate pattern, one of the ABC patterns, not the Christmas one though. I hate going to the Silver Needle site, it always ends up costing me money. I see things I can't possibly live without. If you only knew how many unstitched things I have in my house I could not live without. One of these days though I am going to have it all stitched up. When I am about 125 years old I will have it done.

And, just so ou know I am going to be a Great Aunt for the second time either late tonight or sometime tomorrrow morning.

So on that note I will leave all of you to have a wonderful, happy week.

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