Friday, September 11, 2009

God Bless The USA

I remember the events of 9-11 vividly. I was at home with a two year old. I turned on the TV right at the time the second plane flew into the towers. It seemed at the time that the entire world had gone mad. For awhile it seemed so surreal like it was happening to somewhere else in the world, not the US. We went to town to put gas in the car that afternoon. We were the only ones there and by the time we paid the police had been called to direct traffic. Just the uncertainty of the times made me nervous. Columbine happened 17 days after Jonathon was born and now this, I remember thinking--"what kind of world is my kid going to grow up in?"

The weekend after 9-11 when the NFL resumed their games we went to Dallas to see the Cowboys play the Chargers. It became more than just a Sunday afternoon getting to watch your favorite team play. Before the game they rolled out this flag held by the Dallas area firefighters, police, and EMS. The flag was a big as the football field. Martina McBride came out and started singing the national anthem. She actually had to stop her rendition a few bars in because the audience was singing also. She adjusted her singing to ours. I just remember not being able to sing because I was teary eyed just seeing the flag, hearing the people. They gave people hand held flags as they entered Texas Stadium. When the singing was over the Cowboy players burst through the tunnel with the first player carrying the flag. He was running so fast the flag was standing straight out behind him and the entire stadium was waving flags shouting USA! USA!

Now I look at the way things are going now and wonder why the American people can't stand up and support each other like we did during the OKC bombing and 9-11. We have people screaming at each other over health care, people not wanting their children be encouraged by our president to stay in school and become educated, congressmen disrespecting the highest office in our land. I hope today many Americans take the opportunity to be proud and remember what a great country we are and can be.

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