Sunday, August 9, 2009

Looking for Pioneer Woman

Last year my friend Sara was telling me about this blog that she read on a regular basis called Pioneer Woman. I went there one evening and was hooked. I would love to provide the link, but you all know that I am technically challenged and I don't know how to do that. Anyway, back to the story, reading PW's blog became a daily event. I think sometimes I know more about her four punks, her brother Mike, Pesky Tim, beautiful Missy, and Cowboy Josh then some people I spend every day with. Anywhose.... she had posted about them participating in ranch rodeos. Well, she doesn't really live that far from me, probably about 100 miles give or take, but in our fair city this is fair and rodeo week. This week one of the featured attractions was a ranch rodeo. I called the fair board office and asked if a ranch of her name was listed among the participants. There was one, even though the first name was wrong Sara and I decided it must be a typo. That is when we lost common sense and went on a hunt for PW at the arena.

Sara was in her pajamas, cooking pork chops, mashed potatoes, and doing laundry. I was frying some potatoes and chicken legs. My mom finished watching my dinner. I put on some decent looking clothes, Sara turned off the pork chops and mashed potatoes. We headed off to the arena cameras in tow to find her. Well, we got there and it was hot, major hot. It turned out it wasn't her ranch, but a family member's ranch. This is according to my former fifth grader Wendy's dad. I interrogated him like a NY detective (a skill every middle school teacher possesses) to find out which family member's ranch was participating.

At this point in time, we decide that it hotter than hot and we are going home. I am sweating in places that I don't normally sweat in. We get to the car and I can't find my car keys. I am thinking that Dan is going to kill me if he has to drive out there and bring me keys. I had heard them say they had lost car keys turned in and luckily they were mine.

I wouldn't want all of you to think I go off hunting people down on a regular basis, but she is pretty awesome and I really wanted to see her and say, "I love your blog! My family love your cinnamon rolls, and jalapenos filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and thrown on the grill." Seriously, the only other time I did something like this was in high school. I was in Wichita, Kansas at the Pizza Hut next to the Hilton Hotel, at CYO convention when a girl came in a said Billy Joel kissed her cheek and he is standing in front of the hotel. My friend Cindy and I jumped up (me in my brand new clogs that I had just bought at the mall), and took off running. I chased him across the parking lot through the hotel lobby and out the back door to get his autograph. Really I promise that 99% of the time I am a normal sane human who loves to spend her days stitching .

Have a great week.


Just Charming said...

You're so funny... hee hee hee. Don't think you're alone. I made Eric go to a store in Portland, just because I saw the owner on a show called Crafters Coast To Coast on HGTV. She was behind the register and I couldn't even speak to her. She's Alicia Paulson from Posie Gets Cozy... one of the blogs I read regularly.

Vonna said...

Have you taken your medicine lately?! :) Just kidding...I think that is funny and what a huge compliment it would be to the Pioneer Woman herself! :)
I'd love to be tracked down by even one person that liked my blog ;)

Brigitte said...

Tammy, what a funny post to read. And a hommage to the Pioneer Woman. Does she read your blog?

stitchin schoolmarm said...

I would doubt she reads my blog, hers is a pretty big blog. We had fun that day, you have to know my friend Sara, she's a hoot.