Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hobby Lobby Stock Should Be Up....

as I picked these up yesterday and paid the bill. At least they are not as outrageous as the guy I used to take my stitching to for framing. He would not frame stuff unless you bought the frame from him, and it got pretty pricey sometimes. Actually the smaller piece cost more to frame than the LH piece because I had to have a cutom frame made for this. I usually get the ready made open back frames when they are 50%off there and that helps keep the cost down.

The newest news from our house is fifth grade band has started. Jonathon is playing a trumpet, I hope I survive the experience. He hasn't taken it to school yet as Tuesday is the official day for needing your instruments. They did, however, learn how to properly hold an instrument the other day. He has been tooting his horn ever since. When I came home from work on Thursday he blew in it to show me how well he could do it. Later I was downstairs reading stitching blogs, I had started laundry, and I heard this god awful sound. My first thought was "What is wrong with the washing machine?" Then I realized that it was my son, Louis Armstrong Jr.

Ofcourse Friday he had a friend over for the night. I got home from work and saw that his friend has brought his trumpet also. I must admit that getting a motel room crossed my mind, but they were so busy with their legos that they never had time to toot.

Now I am off to the couch to finish my stocking, and I am not kidding!

Have a super week!


Vonna said...

I LOVE your framed pieces! LOVELY!
Katie plays clarinet....oh my...
I understand!

Coni said...

Just gorgeous! I always admire stitchers who can also pick the perfect frame to go with their treasures....wonderful!

Brigitte said...

You chose two beautiful frames for your pieces. Love them both.