Monday, August 17, 2009

The First Day of the 20th Year

I can't hardly believe that one! That is how many years I have been teaching school. I have 68 little wonders, although they aren't that little. Today was one of the calmest first days I can remember at the middle school. As much as I was ready to go back to school and get some sort of routine started I really dread the whole rat race of things starting again. You know school, meetings, soccer practice, homework. There really isn't enough time in the day. It isn't as if we over schedule because the only activity Jonathon does during the fall is soccer.

I have been busy getting last minute things done to start the school year. I have every one's doctor appointments caught up and finished. I have been stitching on a stocking and should have a pic of my progress soon. Right now I am ripping out some of what I did last night. Usually I would say one stitch off doesn't really matter, but since this is in the row directly below where the name will be I decided that I should probably get it right.

Jonathon has meet the teacher Wednesday night and he starts school on Thursday. He had his annual back to school sleepover on Friday night. Not a peep of sleep was had until about 6:30 am Saturday, however, when I got up and saw all the snacks they had eaten in the course of the night a big sugar crash was bound to happen. Once one went to sleep they all seemed to drop off pretty fast.

Have a great week.


Brigitte said...

Oh yes, all those last activities before the school year definitely starts. I usually cram as many things into that last week as possible, lol.
I wish you a good start.

Stitching instead of cleaning said...

I love the wildcat that you stitched. Wonderful job. Mind if I ask was the pattern in a magazine or do you know the designer? My husband loves military planes. I also read back on your older posts and saw your reference to New Orleans after Katrina, hopefully you will get to come visit again.