Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Did I Really Say I Was Ready to Go Back to Work?

Well, here is the progress I have made on the current stocking. Not a lot of progress, it should be finished. The second week of September is my deadline for this stocking and another one as I don't want to mail these. If I have them done I can send them with their rightful (sort of) owners when we have a family reunion.

I also bought four gallons of paint to redo the living room/dining room area and I haven't even cracked the lids on them. I guess Labor Day weekend I will be painting and football gaming as the high school and community college both play at home that weekend.

It just seems that life has become oh so hectic here lately. We had open house last night, which I guess is a necessary thing, but hardly anyone ever shows up! Plus, we have to stand in front of the parents for ten minutes and tell them about our class. That is sort of nerve wracking. Not that I have any problems babbling on and on...but in the middle of the last group (we have six) I had my own private little summer right there on the spot. My hair was getting wet in the back, my shirt was sticking to me! I drove home with the air on high the entire way.

We also have church bingo again this weekend. It is only a few hours of volunteering on Saturday night, but you also have to bring a crock pot of something and pies and cakes for the concession stand, so it really turns into an all evening Friday/all morning Saturday thing. The car has to be taken to Joplin for the first oil change. Jonathon has soccer practice Friday night and then again Saturday morning. My house is filthy, in case your wondering. I know I said I was ready to get back into a routine, but I wondering--is it too late to change my mind???

BTW I do have some wonderful kiddos this year, they make my day!

Have a great week!

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