Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My New Vera B. Bags

I actually celebrated my birthday when we were in Chicago. My mom didn't give me my present, which was money, until we came home. She knew I would probably spend it at the LEGO store on Jonny if she gave it to me in Chicago. I took the opportunity to enhance my Vera Bradley "collection" by adding the large tic tac tote, and backpack in the retiring pattern Frankly Scarlett. I also got myself a couple of little things. I didn't need much in the line of accessories because I already had a purse in this pattern and most of the matching stuff.

We have not been doing much since returning home from vacation. Yesterday we painted the kitchen. That may sound like a huge project, but there isn't a lot of wall space in there to paint. I had good help with the project. Jonathon spackled the nail holes while I taped off the trimming. Then while I trimmed he rolled the paint on for me. He is pretty good help for a ten year old boy.

When we bought this house the original owners had just repainted the entire inside and everything is white or off-white. We just aren't a family that can live in an off-white or white house. My plan is eventually to get the inside repainted some different colors. The kitchen color was not exactly what I expected (one of my former fifth graders mixed it for me, could that be why? Revenge for a b in spelling?), but once I get some things hung around it will tone the color down some.

Today I finally got some stitching in as I have been busy with little projects here and there. I finished straightening the garage up and doing what I thought was needed there. I also got my vocabulary folders for my next year kids all put together and assembled one sleepless night.

Next week will be a hectic week as well. My mom is having a cataract removed and that will be a couple of days of appointments, Jonathon needs to be enrolled in school then, and he also has a doctor's appointment to update some immunizations. By then it will be back to work for me.

Have a great week.

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