Monday, July 20, 2009

Honey, We're Home!

We just returned from our Chicago trip. I am only going to upload these pics, because in all I have about 200 and it is just too hard to choose them. This one was a favorite. It is of a lighthouse on Lake Michigan. It was taken during a sunset cruise on the lake Saturday night.
Now of course if you ask Jonny he would say this was the highlight of his trip, the Lego Store, he is making a little gift in this picture to take home to his friend.

We did a lot while we were there and the kids had many new experiences and maybe someday when Jonathon grows up he will know that there is a big wide world out there and he can go places and do things besides living in SE Kansas. We took city transportation, taxis and things that we don't have the opportunity to do around here. We went to the Hancock Observatory, the Museum of Science and Industry, the aquarium, and Navy Pier, they played on Ohio Street beach for a brief while, and of course spent time on Michigan Avenue, enjoyed a water taxi ride and sunset cruise on Lake Michigan. They saw the different versions of artwork featured, the street performers and enjoyed the shops on Michigan Avenue. We went to Fannie May's candy store and ate hand-dipped chocolates.

When we went to the pool at our hotel we could see the Hancock Tower on one side of us and the Sear Tower on the other side. We also had the unique "experience" of being in the city the day the name of the Sears Tower offically changed to Willis Tower.

It did feel good to sleep in my own bed last night, though it took me awhile to wind back down. I must say that I really needed the vacation to help get things in back in some sort of perspective. We haven't had good summers the past two years, in fact the past two summers were downright mind boggling stressful with the flood, losing income, Dan's parents losing everything they had, and everyone being switched around and sharing living space, added to that the chronic illnesses both of his parents were dealing with during the '07 flood. In '08 everything finally fell in like a house of cards with the farming operation, so this vacation was a good break for all of us. Even though we loved the trip we are ready to be home again.

Tomorrow I have to get busy cleaning the place up and getting things back in order, then I am starting to stitch again.

Have a great week.


Just Charming said...

just the two photos? Ahhhh...

Sounds like you all had a great time. What a wonderful getaway. I bet the kids were excited to see something new. I imagine the Lego store was just amazing.

Coni said...

I'm so glad that this summer is going better than the previous sounds like you certainly have had your hands full!

Chicago is just wonderful, isn't it?

Brigitte said...

I love the picture with the lighthouse very much. Good to read that you are able to enjoy this summer more than the last ones. And I ope it will stay like that until the end of your vacation.