Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Photos

Most of Dan's family was home for the fourth, well, actually all of the sisters and brothers made it at some point in the weekend, just at different times. We enjoyed eating lunch at Jack's Place in Liberty. That is a place you actually have to eat at to enjoy. We spent time at the farm shooting fireworks, grilling out at our house, shooting more fireworks, and Sunday evening Aunt Heather whipped everyone three times in the ever popular basketball game of PIG.

In the middle of all of this I did manage to make an order to the Silver Needle to get my thread along with fabric and charms to make two more stockings for two surprise recipients. I am kind of picky about who I cross-stitch for, it has to be someone I know will appreciate it and I think this will be the case.

Jonny and Abby

Our nephew Wyatt.

Our niece Kelley, her significant other James and their son Jameson.
James recently graduated from Yale and will attend law school in the fall.

Our neice Kimber and her husband Luis. They are expecting their first little one in October. Kimber, Wyatt, and Kelley are brothers and sisters. Their other brother Tyler did not make the trip with them.

Our nephew John.

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Brigitte said...

Very nice family pictures.
IsN't it amazing how we are always able to place a stash order no matter how busy life is? Lol.