Sunday, June 28, 2009

Stitching Emergency!

I was all set to take a picture of my progress the last few days on stocking number 4 and would you believe that I ran out of the main color?!? I am taking my mother over by Joplin tomorrow to a smoke shop (she said she was quitting after the first of the year...I said I was losing weight, I guess neither of us is very dedicated), so I could pick some up there at Hobby Lobby, but I have a better idea. I will order it from the Silver Needle. I can not just order one little skein of thread that would be crazy, so I might just have to break down and order some other stuff to make it worth my while.

Not much has happened here this weekend. I think Jonathon is secretly trying to set the world record for the most sleepovers in a year. He is on his third consecutive night of having someone spend the night tonight. Thankfully, he has really nice friends, so 99% of the time it not a problem. I do think that I am probably the most gullible mom of the whole bunch, because I am always taking them to Sonic or Blockbuster at 11 pm.

This past week certainly has had me thinking. Michael Jackson's death makes me think of Elvis Presley's death. I remember I was in eighth grade, my grandmother had just had surgery that very day to remove a benign tumor from her brain. My mom was in Wichita with her and I was staying at home with my dad. My dad was stationed in Germany in the army the same time Elvis served in the army. I can remember him telling me that he distinctively remembers Elvis coming to their base twice to shop in the PX (?) My dad was never interested enough to go and try to see him either time. I would have been there in a flash with my camera in tow. Of course when Elvis died you did not have the media you have today. I think it is sort of sad that the media is already writing stories about the custody battles they "think" will happen, etc.

Today Jonathon, Abby, and his friend Christopher were sitting at the table eating pizza and started talking about the Michael Jackson videos that had seen on TV and before I knew it they were all up doing MJ dance moves. It just struck me as kind of funny that they were even paying attention to them on television and that the three of them probably had never seen a Michael Jackson video until this week.
I remember watching them on American Bandstand, one show had a clip of them from American Bandstand and I sat there thinking about the fact that I most likely watched that the very first time it was televised.

I can not believe that the July 4th is upon us already. It doesn't seem possible really. We did get a slight break in the weather today, I think the temp was in the high eighties.

Since I don't have a stitching pic to share I thought you might enjoy this one.


Vonna said...

Look at those funny faces...LOL! CUTE!!!

Brigitte said...

I think it's a fantastic idea to order your one skein of thread online ... together with some more goodies, lol. Just show us what other necessities you found at the Silver Needle.