Monday, June 15, 2009


Last week I said would be a week of finishes here for me. Well, I didn't lie, sort of... I for one got the names on all of the stockings I have finished so far. So they are really completely and totally finished. Here's the proof.

My friend Marcia will be picking them up around 5 this evening, at which point it will be her responsibility to sew on all of those little charms, which I hate to sew on and have them finished.

I also finished two more of the donation afghans. So below is a picture of the four I will be donating.

The two I finished are the two in the middle. I have the last one started, but am just about totally burned out on the crocheting at the moment, so I will get back to that at some point.

I am now stitching away on the fourth stocking and plan to have it finished soon.

So in other finished accomplished tasks. We bought a car, and it has rained and rained and rained and Dan hasn't worked a single day since we bought the darn thing. Jonathon had his last two ballgames postponed because of the rain, so I sort of went on a little laundry vacation. Both of these facts lead to two more accomplishments for the week.
I cleaned out the garage to see if the new car will actually fit in the garage. We were driving a 1999 Suburban with about 200,000 miles and it would not fit in our garage. We downsized, but Jonathon and I still don't think this car will fit. Dan and my mother are positive it will. I think I will let one of them try it before I do.
My second accomplishment was to finally yesterday do all of the laundry that had accumulated. I got it all folded last night about 12:30. Dog the Bounty Hunter was chasing fugitives and I was matching socks. Dog and I work well together what can I say?
I have to tell all of you that I seriously thought of taking before and after pictures o the garage to let all of you see how much work I did, but I really didn't want all of you to see what a mess it was in the first place. I also thought of taking a picture of all my neat piles of folded laundry, but it was late and I was getting sleepy.

So for today I am going to the post office to mail Vonna her linen. I am taking Jonathon with me to see if the new BBQ place is open, he is dying to eat there. If it is we will eat lunch there, if not maybe I can talk him into dining at Tavern on the Plaza instead. (This restaurant should not be confused with Tavern on the Green, that is in NY. We are not in NY that's for sure!) Then I am home to clean house so my friend Marcia won't see how messy it is at this moment.

I need to move all of my little neat laundry piles to the bedroom, this way Dan can put it away. I wash, dry and fold. Dan puts away. I never let him wash clothes unless it is his work clothes. I did once let him wash a load of underwear when I was taken to the emergency room dehydrated from a stomach virus and had an upper respiratory infection in the wee hours of the morning. Even though I was seriously ill, I sent him home with detailed instructions on how to do the load of underwear and to bring some back to me. He did a splendid job, except for the fact when he showed up back at the hospital he brought ONE pair of underpants stuffed in his coat pocket!!!!! I guess in my detailed instructions I should have told him to pack me a bag and put some underwear in it, but I was sick for crying out loud, I couldn't think of everything! Now that I have told you way more then I ever intended. I am off to the post office.

Have a great week!


mainely stitching said...

Those stockings are amazing! Congratulations on getting the names on all of them.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, how beautiful these stockings are. Absolutely amazing. The recipients are some lucky guys.
Quite obviously you are using your summer vacation ta bit the same way I am. I always try to do a thorough cleaning and decluttering of the house or at least of single rooms. And sometimes I even manage, lol. You seem to be more successful than me ...