Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Future Engineer & Progress Pic

I think have talked about Jonathon being a big fan of anything Army and World War II. Earlier this month my dining room floor was the scene of the D-day invasion. He sat down and made several boats without any sort of Lego instructions and put his Lego men in them and used his K-nex to make things on the beach. Next he spent several hours off and on with his digital camera making a stop motion video of the whole D-Day invasion. It was fairly interesting watching a 10 year old do all of this.

The above picture is his latest creation that he made on his own which is a Lego helicopter. I often times look at the things he enjoys doing and wonder where this will lead in the future. Right now I am thinking engineer...but then again he is totally intrigued with the video making, so really who knows. I am thinking of getting him a digital video camera for Christmas. The other day he asked if they had classes in high school where you learned how to do animation on the computer.

Our neighborhood has turned into a war zone of it own lately. Not like the Hatfields and McCoys, but there are weapons involved. The weapons of choice in our neighborhood are water balloons, super soakers and garden hoses. One really has to be careful stepping out the front door. The hot weather has brought on a frenzy of water fights with friends, and the constant running of the garden hose. Not only is the garden hose running, we have the laundry factor- lots of towels and wet clothes. I dread to see our water bill, but as with everything there is an upside I don't have to go in the heat outside and water my flowers they get watered by default.

Here is my progress on stocking number 4. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will get a lot more done and start getting to the end of this project.

Have a good one!

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Vonna said...

My Husband is an engineer and his mother had tons of photos of him building with his legos....
so I'd say you're looking at a future engineer ;)
P.S. My husband still "plays" with Legos...although he says he's just "helping" our boys....yeah....right....