Thursday, June 4, 2009

Blogiversary Giveaway

In four days it will be one year since my first blog post, so in honor of the big first year I will be giving away three fat quarters of linen purchased from Silkweaver's. The first color is apricot, and is 32 count Belfast Linen. Piece number two, which you really have to look hard to see is also 32 count linen and the color is Navy. The last piece is overdyed, I believe, the color is chocolate vanilla swirl. This is also 32 count Belfast linen. What do you have to do to win?
Leave a comment here and I will draw a winner from a hat (I'm old-fashioned, what can I say? Really, I don't know how to use that random generator thing.) One winner will receive all three pieces. I will draw a winner on June 8 at 12 noon.

This is my stitching progress on LH Heart of America kit. I know you are probably thinking to yourself that I haven't made much stitching progress and you are right.
Honestly, I haven't accomplished much at all so far this summer. I have done a little housecleaning, a little crocheting, and some stitching. We have had three baseball games a week since the end of May, and a couple trips to the swimming pool. So besides doing not a lot and spending approximately nine hours a week sitting on hard bleachers or in a lawn chair, sipping diet pepsi, and cracking sunflowers seeds, I have been lazy. I am thinking I should have titled this blog True Confessions-- first I am technologically challenged, and lazy.

Today we finally got out of the house and went to Bartlesville for something to do. We have this odd place in our living room/dining room area, and I mean odd it is like this place cut out of the wall with a light and it needs something tall to sit in it. Well, I have had my eye on this huge candle holder at Hobby Lobby for a very long time. Truth be told I just can't bring myself to pay $79.99 for a candle holder and then the price for a huge candle to sit in it. Well, today all home accents were 50% off and some select things were 66% off. So I found my candleholder, not the one I have been wanting. This one was orginally $49.99 marked down to $17 dollars, so I bought it. I also checked out some of the retired pieces of Vera Bradley at the Hallmark, but didn't see anything I couldn't live without, so I very bravely walked away with purchasing anything. I did see some things I would love to have, but could live without them.

So there you have it, my big update of doing nothingness. Don't forget to comment if you want the linen!!!